The ceramic tile cleaning to do in the home, just not laborious and bright and clean and fresh

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-21
Whether family public life space such as sitting room, balcony, or easy to shelter evil people and practices such as kitchen, toilet area, live longer, home on the ceramic tile is always the dirt, may also appear the phenomenon such as yellow, black, mildewy, would easily clean thoroughly, is not easy. And, when the ceramic tile shop is stuck, in order to avoid future expand due to the heat bilges cold shrink, the phenomenon such as craze, will leave a gap. Ceramic tile aperture, however, is not only easy to accumulate dust dirt, is not convenient to scrub clean. Similar above these (clean & other; Question & throughout; , we will see in life, many families directly wire ball to fit with a hard brush, even there is owner will use a knife to scrape. This is a very common myth clean ceramic tile, because both steel wire ball, cleaning ball, knives and other sharp knives, hard brush or use more times, inevitably cause scratches on the surface of a ceramic tile damage. If the post is glazed pottery, wear on the surface of the glaze layer is finished, the practicability and service life of ceramic tile will be discounted. In fact, the maintenance and cleaning of ceramic tile is skilled at home. Grasp the method, the ceramic tile of even more stubborn dirt, can clean more easily. For the maintenance of ceramic tile, in addition to wax can be carried out on the surface of ceramic tile maintenance, should also pay attention to the processing of detail, especially for easy to hide the dirt, difficult to clean ceramic tile aperture. Usually, the ceramic tile aperture for caulking, if want to antifouling effect is better, and daily cleaning easier, suggest to spend more money to do the seam. Choose the color of the seam an agent, want to combine shop sticks ceramic tile design and color, maintain colour to coordinate. Use more beautiful seam an agent color ceramic tile, including gray, white, golden, etc. In addition, the home to also want to maintain good ventilation and dry at ordinary times, can effectively avoid the mold wall ground tile be affected with damp be affected with damp. For clean ceramic tile, need regular daily cleaning, suggest home can have ceramic tile cleaner. Before use dishcloth ceramic tile on the ceramic tile besmirch spray a spray, then a wipe gently, common basic can easily wipe besmirch. For the ceramic tile between hutch defends may produce mildew spot, if it is difficult to clean thoroughly, always have black marks, can also buy in addition to mildew agent processing, simple and easy to remove mildew mould. Want to have a higher quality of home life, it is very important to maintain the home neat and beautiful. However, many owners have ceramic tile for maintenance and cleaning, might as well try the above method, makes the daily household cleaning more easier then.
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