The ceramic tile of wall fall off

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-15
Advised to choose a better glass glue, nail glue can also. First need to prepare some tools, glass glue, glass glue gun, a hammer, to wear heart a screwdriver, rags, cellophane tape. 1, judgement damage ceramic tile, if is too serious to patchwork cases, suggest to buy a new tile. With a hammer and a screwdriver to remove residues on metope ceramic tile and dust ( Clear the residue on the ceramic tile is not recommended, easy to cause secondary damage) Falls off, make the ceramic tile of can keep on and around the ceramic tile is flat and level. 2, will play on the glass adhesive on ceramic tile on the back wall, To ensure that the glue weight, much less easy to fall off, cannot maintain level) and surrounding ceramic tile 。 Use hand knock ceramic tile to make it stick firm and level off. 3, first with cloth to wipe clean surface of ceramic tile, then ceramic tile is fixed with a cellophane tape. After waiting for glue solidified ( 24 hours) Pull off the cellophane tape're done. Remove loose tiles, if the surface is smooth, you can directly use the glass glue paste; If not smooth, so can only use ceramic tile adhesive, Or the slurry) Paste. When you use the glass glue paste, need to clear the dust on the ceramic tile with metope behind, and apply evenly on the back of the tile good glass glue, and then directly into the original position and make a little squeeze. In order to prevent it from, available packing tape fixed the position of the ceramic tile. If use ceramic tile adhesive ( Or the slurry) Paste, so need to put the original slurry ( Or ceramic tile adhesive) Clear, depth of not less than 1 cm.
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