The ceramic tile with tile difference and market development

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-14
Ceramic tile to tile ceramic tile ceramic tile to tile and the difference between a market development and market development as follows: the difference between a ceramic tile to tile pronunciation, vocabulary, so there are still many silly points not clear. They both essentially difference between tile is made of clay fire, bibulous rate is high must be glazed, but its magnetic intensity is low, and relatively heavy, when in the shop, not easy to interface to glue, usually with cement. And ceramic tile is made of porcelain clay fire is that for good looks have glaze. Its structure is more rigorous, high strength, low water absorption, strong resistance to fouling. Generally refers to a glazed tile, ceramic tile using range is wide and its variety is more, like polished tile, glazed ceramic tiles, archaize brick, tile of marble tiles, diamond, etc. Like these various varieties Overland ceramics have, only you think that no less than. Because of the diversity of popular ceramic tile, so now is ceramic tile instead of tile on the market. Do you know ceramic tile from when to begin to appear? In fact, the development of the ceramic tile market started to have some from the middle ages, in 'the ancient Egyptian pyramid' interior of the middle ages, and was associated with a shower. American museum of modern art in the 1970 s, a: 'Italy household products new style' the household design of Italy secured a position in the world, so Europe is the birthplace of ceramic tile. The design concept of beginning of the 21st century Germany also walk in the front. Because the beginning of the 21st century ceramic tile is in color, surface processing craft, material, and shapes to high-end development, and Germany is the world's first and only can realize the industrialization of the monochromatic bo changes Mosaic tile production country. Is Spanish ceramic tile design is also occupies the dominant position, because of its design features based on color, pattern, texture and rich tradition of classical type, also is very popular at the time of the era of design. To now in the market of China ceramic tile market, foshan has been far ahead, because in the Ming and qing dynasties of foshan ceramics has been very famous, but the process is not yet mature, after the reform and opening up various aspects technology mature, combined with the core raw material of ceramic tile is in foshan, so fired porcelain is good of the country. Do not believe you to foshan Overland to see see! See the introduction, do you know about ceramic tile is the deeper layer.
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