The choice of high-grade ceramic tile of brand of production manufacturer

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-01
On the choice of high-grade ceramic tile brand production factory, many owners may not be familiar with, small make up recently happened to awareness of some of the choice of high-grade ceramic tile brand production factory, for everyone here to introduce about the choice of high-grade ceramic tile brand production factory experience, hope to be able to help you. Ceramic tile manufacturers which good? 1, Marco Polo to ceramic tile & other; Culture throughout the ceramic &; Occupy the market, enjoy & other; Archaize brick & throughout; As 2, dongpeng ceramic tile national scale, variety specification is complete, one of the professional production enterprises with good credit 3, wrigley high quality ceramic tile ceramic tile ceramic tile, pay attention to the combination of Italian art element 4, loulan ceramic tile to imitate the natural texture, the effect of concave and convex surface, bug eat by moth so little detail carve is famous for its five, the ceramic tile color pure tasty, main distinct European tonal 6, Cohen ceramic tile glaze imported raw materials, the main series of polishing brick, ceramic tile manufacturers for introduce ceramic tile of choose and buy skills? 1, check. Check the products shall have the producer name and address on the packing cases, product name, specification, quantity, after-sales service phone, trademarks, production date and performed by the standard, for ceramic tile, need to check the CCC authentication marks, for indoor decoration of brick of pottery and porcelain, appropriate choice of radioactive nuclides to meet the requirements of class A product. 2, to look at. Good quality of brick of pottery and porcelain glaze should be smooth, delicate, luster glaze crystal shine, matt glaze is soft and comfortable. Under the enough natural light or fluorescent lamp irradiation, put brick on 1 meter vertical observation, the distance should not see clear glaze defects. A decorative pattern, pattern of design and color of tile should be exquisite, lifelike, no obvious lack of color, break the blemish, dislocation, etc. The background on the reverse of the good quality of product of pottery and porcelain, trademarks, such as clear, complete, few glaze mark or defect. 3, spell. Good product size deviation is small, will be a batch of products on a vertical surface, see if there are any uneven phenomenon. Then look at degree level, two pieces of brick can be close to the edge of together, see if there are any gaps. Good product deformation small, beautiful brick after the shop is stuck with smooth surface. See the color difference of product, take a few bricks spell together, carefully check in adequate light, two-tone color between products, after the shop is stuck in poor overall effect. Above is the small make up for everybody finishing of high-grade ceramic tile brand production manufacturers choose some of the material, you if there is any doubt to query out also can log on our website.
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