The classification of ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-31
Ceramic tile has been our most common is one of the indispensable main decorate material, ceramic tile in our Marketing Department, according to the feedback information with a lot of people don't know the classification of ceramic tile and the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Small make up today, ceramic tile, take you to learn about the classification of ceramic tile and what are the kinds of advantages and disadvantages? A, the classification of ceramic tile: 1. Ceramic tile according to use can be divided into external tile, wall brick and floor tile brick, square brick, industrial, etc. ; 2. Ceramic tile press bibulous rate is divided into: porcelain tiles, urn-shaped ceramic tile, fine standard brick, standard brick, ceramic tile, bibulous rate is sorting: ceramic brick & gt; 10% or greater standard quality brick & gt; 6% or greater fine quality standard & gt; 3% or greater standard porcelain & gt; 0. 5 or greater porcelain tiles; 3. According to the burning ingredients can be divided into: oxidizing quotiety of ceramic tile, ceramic tile; 4. In accordance with the glaze points: glazed brick, unglazed brick; 5. According to the shape points: dry pressing molding brick, brick, plastic extrusion molding brick; 6. According to the production process: polishing brick, spots, crystal brick, unglazed, printing brick; 7. According to the varieties can be divided into: polishing brick, and archaize brick, tile, glazed ceramic, vitrified tile, marcelo grams, crystal throwing bricks, microcrystalline, split tile, square brick, Cultural brick) Varieties, such as ceramic tile small make up to introduce several main: 1) Polishing brick: refers to the body surface after polishing treatment of ceramic tile, belong to a common brick; The surface of the polishing brick is the brick adobe bodies through grinding/polishing processing of a kind of polished tile, relative to body brick, polishing brick is much more bright and clean surface. Polishing brick hard wear-resisting, suit in the most and interior space beyond closet, kitchen. Intelligent original results: 2) Archaize ceramic tile: this is evolved by CaiYouZhuan, actually is glazed porcelain tiles, just above the color of the glaze is not the same; 3) Ceramics nickname or ceramic tile, every ceramic tile is commonly, wall tile and floor tile matching with ceramic tile ceramic tile is not porcelain tiles, ceramic tile relatively easier water absorption, lower hardness and use durability. 4) Vitrified tile with fine polishing brick, bibulous rate is 0. Higher 5% of porcelain tiles, can make regulations and rules more press, can make a higher relative density and other fire temperature is higher, can ensure the whole porcelain, huge living room, bedroom, aisle, etc. 5) Glazed ceramic tile to put it bluntly, that is, together with enamel surface fire and layer, behavior main body and points are two kinds of clay and China clay, clay fire go out the opposite of a bright red, tile, porcelain clay fire is the opposite of grey, ceramic tile, porcelain clay fire usually out of the effect is good, so good brick call instead of tile ceramic tile. 6) Marcelo: alias porcelain Mosaic tile, floor tile is a unique, generally made up of dozens of pieces of a piece of tile a relative big brick. Specifications, thin and small, hard real-time color and acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, no leakage, compressive ability strong, 8. According to the position of ceramic tile shop sticks can be divided into: interior wall tile, exterior wall tile and floor tile three categories. 9. According to the radioactivity of ceramic tile can be divided into A, B, C three levels, A kind of natural radionuclides in ceramic tile decoration materials - radium And thorium - 226 , k - 232 40 of the radioactivity specific activity at the same time satisfy the IRa 1 or less. 0 1 or less, and Ir. 3 requirements for class A ceramic tile decoration materials; Class B decorate material did not meet the requirements of class A decoration materials but at the same time satisfy the IRa 1 or less. 3 and the Ir 1 or less. 9 required for class B decoration materials; Class C ceramic tile decoration materials does not meet the requirements of A and B class decoration materials but meet Ir 2 or less. Eight requirements for class C ceramic tile decoration materials.
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