The color difference deductive elegance! Do you like?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-28
Color difference many times is indeed a quality accident. But have you ever thought of, there is a so off color, but with the depth change deduce more aesthetic feeling. Overland take you appreciate the elegant demeanour of off color, in foreign countries, product designation art of color effect. Color is similar and different ceramic tile, presents the visual effect of alienation on a business trip, let a person feel able to bear or endure look. The color depth in a range of every piece of ceramic tile has a certain depth change on colour and lustre, but natural transition after the shop is stuck, the overall effect of harmonious and moving. For the archaize tile and cement block, the specially made 'color' is more common. The chromatism of special effects like some pursuit of products, special effects, can have deliberately add white surface, weathering, etc. Texture density in pursuit of more variable effect of the shop is stuck, different piece of ceramic tile of grain distribution have obvious difference. Combination after the shop is stuck on the vision also have off color effect. The pursuit of the color difference of wood grain brick, more romance and nature. Color type tile effect more natural if every piece of tile textures are identical, spread out is not as good. In particular, some lines of ceramic tile, the effect is very abrupt: this product color, deduce the style do you like?
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