The corner shop sticks ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-12
Said to ceramic tile Angle processing, the shade in plain English, that is, vertical degree. Shade because today's bridal chamber, this basically is not vertical, so at the shop sticks ceramic tile, this problem must be solved, or it will affect the effect. And Yang Angle this, basically all is the construction of late, so in general, vertical problem is not going to happen. ( Corner tile) Came to Washington at the invitation of the owner's friends to visit his home, when I saw the owner after a friend's house, only to find that their master in handling internal Angle, the method is very special. It was also looked at a friend's house owner, I just found out that corner also can do this deal with ceramic tile, it could also be the most beautiful way. This content to share with you about, you can consult when decorate. Many of the teacher in the shop is stuck wall brick, will use the way of ceramic tile overlay to joining together, in order to solve the problem of internal Angle. Because the shade so that even if the original is not straight, so when the wall brick shop is good, the corner also won't appear the size gap problem here. And the owner of a friend's house master in the brick wall tile, but not this kind of treatment, but in a very rare ceramic tile for the way the spell to deal with. Said a little bit more simple, and dealing with external Angle, used in the same way. May be some friends will say, the corner use ceramic tile to spell, is not the best approach. Because Yin Angle is the already existing, and Yang Angle is usually package the pillars. So as long as in the package post, good control of external Angle of verticality, adopts the ways of dealing with Angle, is a problem without considering the vertical. And on the internal Angle to do the same, so when construction is too much trouble, really can do a good job? In fact, this kind of treatment of internal Angle, but also know the difficulty is very big, but also have to do so. The owner of a friend's house wall brick is USES 45 degrees of the shop is stuck. So in this case, if, in the form of superposition of ceramic tile to deal with internal Angle problem, so to sew this, will certainly out of the question, which in turn lead to whole metope spelling a flower effect, damaging effects. Therefore, only by way of ceramic tile to spell, to guarantee the effect of brick joints. Although, of course, this kind of treatment is very trouble, but also can solve internal Angle problem. In front of the shop sticks ceramic tile, for example, using cement Yin do straight Angle, so the shop sticks ceramic tile, will not be affected. And the overall effect out as the following diagram, can say this kind of treatment, in the wall inclined shop in the center, is one of the most beautiful. From this, we can also see that the owner friend's teacher is really very attentively. Because if not considering the internal Angle, in the case of wall brick inclined shop, will be around the corner to make the effect of the spell, also is very difficult. So when decorate his house, is also preparing to let the teacher to do this, too like this & other Origami & throughout; A similar effect. Therefore, when decorate, if also ready to do wall brick inclined shop effect, so on the processing of corner, also can draw lessons from the owner master my friend's house, or very good. , of course, if the ceramic tile shop just routine method, so it's not worth to do the right spell to deal with, after all internal Angle of spelling difficulty is too big, and adopts the spell, the master fee will not be cheap. To this, what do you think? The wall brick of home USES 45 degrees of inclined shops? If you have better method about ceramic tile corner of the shop is stuck, you are welcome but our website message communication, thank you! ( Corner tile)
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