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The decoration styles are different, the choice of ceramic tiles is exquisite

The decoration styles are different, the choice of ceramic tiles is exquisite


Home decoration is to make yourself and your family more comfortable. However, the practicality alone can no longer meet the needs of modern home decoration, and high-value design is required to reflect a higher quality of life.

Whether it is a modern and light luxury style, a new Chinese style that reflects Oriental culture, or a simple and luxurious simple European style ... These styles each represent the home aesthetics, personal preferences and life aspirations of different owners. So, when designing different home decoration styles, which porcelain tile should be applied, and how can it be matched to highlight the characteristics?

New Chinese style

With the new Chinese home style that has both traditional cultural charm and modern temperament, in addition to using antiques to make old antique bricks, you can also choose rustic wood tiles, elegant marble tiles, or low-key luxury gray cement bricks.


Simple European style

Although the simple European style excludes the tedious and complicated European style in form, it still retains the extravagance of luxury atmosphere. When matching tiles, marble tiles that imitate the texture of natural stone or precious jade, as well as crystal clear, gorgeous and elegant microcrystalline stone tiles, are often used.

Mediterranean style

Among all home styles, the Mediterranean style is a very distinctive one, and it is also the most well-known marine style. The fresh, elegant and lively tile style can be matched with the free and romantic Mediterranean style. When decorating, you may wish to consider antique bricks, soft tiles and tiles with small specifications.


Modern style

Modern style, also known as modern minimalist style, is characterized by simple design and comfort, emphasizing the practicality of the home. Therefore, when applying plain tiles in modern-style home improvement, the patterns with simple patterns, strong practicability and simple design are mainly used.

American style

American style is often associated with country style in a narrow sense. Its characteristic is that it pays great attention to the daily life of the family, advocates natural colors, and creates a warm and cozy home atmosphere. When decorating, it can be matched with antique bricks with strong cultural atmosphere, or natural and simple cement bricks.


Pastoral style

The pastoral style advocates the return to the essence of life and pursues the pastoral poetic life, but it does not imitate the rural pastoral life. Therefore, the pastoral-style tiles can be matched with matt and soft tiles with low gloss. In addition, wood grain brick and antique brick with natural temperament are also suitable.

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