The development of the ceramic tile industry analysis

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-30
Small make up today to share with you about ceramic tile industry development present situation, for the owners choose ceramic tile in the direction of the friends, to give reference to data. ( Ceramic tile analysis) A 1, ceramic tile, ceramic tile industry development present situation analysis industry production, production, sales in 2020, and analyzing the present ceramic tile production in 101 in China. 500 million, fell 1. 15%; The ceramic tile consumption in 88. 100 million, year-on-year growth of 4. 01%, the decline in exports is obvious. Urbanization rate rising, superposition of baby boom population into the mainstream consumption period, at the same time, new homes, second-hand housing renovation building TaoXingYe needs support. Rising per capita income, consumption upgrades and environmental protection consciousness to improve unit price up ceramic tile. 2, ceramic tile industry three big market segment analysis according to different product retail price, the ceramic tile market bottom-up can be roughly divided into the mass market, midrange and high-end market segment. From the mass market to high-end market, as the product price rise, subdivided market size is reduced, and enhanced brand attributes, fierce market competition also weakened. ( 1) In size, respectively of the total market - 40 , 30-50% About 40% and 20%. ( 2) Market concentration, the high-end market concentration significantly higher than the overall level of the industry, high-end market CR5 reached 33 in 2012. 4% year-on-year, all ceramic tile market concentration is only 6. 8%. 3, development prospect of ceramic tile industry electricity distribution brand ceramic tile shop in recent years, the development of the Internet is in full swing, since entering information society & other; Internet + & throughout; Times, in all areas, a complete coverage of all levels, inside and out into the society, all aspects; At the same time, all the people in the companies jumped on the Internet platform to expand their own market space, so for ceramic tile enterprises, besides facing traditional offline market game and fight, electricity channel war is officially started the vigorous development of the domestic e-commerce industry, as well as & other; Internet + & throughout; The rise of the concept, an upsurge in the embrace of the Internet; Under this background, the electricity business development has become an irreversible trend, coupled with the housing market hot, contributed to the development of home building materials market, ceramic tile, as home necessities, annual sales breakthrough billions, more electric dealer market development prospects. The rise of electric business is not an accident, previous brand ceramic tile, especially online strong brands in the electricity business channels, they are basically using online operation alone, now first, more the ceramic tile of brand by using the combined O2O mode of online, whether dongpeng ceramic tile, or Nobel ceramic tile, ceramic tile or Marco Polo, has been clear about the O2O mode, do the shop is stuck a set of standardized services such as design, door installation, after-sales, let the customer experience degrees higher, more confident, services in place, more market share to go. Shop website database included in 86, 2018, the brand's flagship store ( Brand marketing) Of online stores is better than most, reached 30, followed by jingdong flagship store, collected online store for 21, small brands online store for 19, selling franchise stores for 13, jingdong franchise store for six, suning flagship store for two. 2, 1, the new trends of the future development of marketing channel sinking all-round development, three or four line market dealers flattening, distributors have independent flat county, township, the construction of new countryside and urbanization further prosperity of three or four line of ceramic tile product sales market. 2, engineering rise ratio increasing, clothbound room such as vanke real estate is now a high jump after decorating room; Now in guangzhou, shenzhen, more than 50% of new housing is the decorate a room; Shenyang is not allowed within a second semifinished product policy. A large increase, economy applicable room class is also rising. 3, brand concentration increase because although the ceramic tile industry product of breed of design and color is numerous, have very different consumption levels from high to low, were less likely than cement, glass industry form the oligarchs. But in recent years, the development of more and more high degree of brand concentration. Encourage the direction of the brand enterprises further develop and expand. Above is the small make up to now, the ceramic tile market survey to understand, to the analysis. Hope friends for owners of the ceramic tile of choose direction with a little help for the future. ( Ceramic tile analysis)
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