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The difference between European style, new Chinese style, light luxury and Nordic marble tiles

The difference between European style, new Chinese style, light luxury and Nordic marble tiles


Because of the rich patterns and delicate natural texture, marble tiles are basically not limited in terms of home decoration applications. In addition to conventional wall tiles and floor tiles, they can also be cut and designed into background walls, mosaics, and art walls. In addition, it also has incomparable advantages in matching home style. Whether it is European style, simple European style, new Chinese style, light luxury style, Nordic style, minimalist style, marble tiles can be applied freely. Next, let's take a look at how marble tiles are used in the five mainstream home decoration styles and how do they perform?

With European home style

These years, although the home improvement consumption has become younger, the home improvement style has been simplified; however, the European-style home decoration style is still preferred by some high-end home improvement users. The main characteristics of this style are noble romance, luxurious luxury. Realistic simulation of natural stone texture, engraving the veins and trends of nature's mountains and rivers, marble tiles can create magnificent and magnificent scenes, highlighting the richness and luxury of the European-style home style.

With the new Chinese home style

The new Chinese decoration style will be relatively deep in overall tone. Therefore, in the matching design with the new Chinese home style, it is recommended to choose marble tiles with ink color system, elegant colors, delicate texture and moderate gloss, which can form a unified overall decoration style and reduce the monotony of the new Chinese home style It is boring, dull and heavy, while extending the sense of space, creating a quiet and peaceful home atmosphere, reflecting the lifestyle of the home owner.

With light luxury home style

From customized homes to decorative applications, light luxury home styles have risen rapidly in the past two years, and they have been in the limelight for a while, winning the favor of home improvement consumers represented by the new middle class. This style is mainly distinguished from European-style luxury and complexity. The concept of low-key luxury is expressed in the simplicity and fashion of the design, eliminating overly complicated decorations. Grey tiles, cool colors, and light-textured marble tiles can bring a simple but not simple decorative effect, which is very suitable for a light luxury home style.

With Nordic home style

The Nordic home style is guided by minimalist aesthetics, using modern minimalist design, bright and rich colors, very popular among young home improvement consumers after 8090. When matching this style, you can mix and match dark and light-colored marble tiles to express a more cheerful and lively, comfortable and personal atmosphere of the home, reflecting a distinct personality diversity and layering.

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