The difference between kong glaze and drop

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-20
King kong glaze and the whole cast: the difference between a full glazed ceramic tile is very bright, but the soft glazed prone to scratches, is a flaw in it. King kong glaze claims to overcome this, it's better than all the glazed ceramic glaze wear-resisting degrees. Kong glaze and the whole cast concrete difference: king kong glaze: the birth of king kong glaze through twists and turns, in view of the technical difficulties and research, on the basis of the different technology parameters to do research and development, the diamond and the physical properties of the hard copy to the surface of ceramic tile, its research and development cycle than all glazed ceramic by time is longer, the presence of the king kong glaze changed now glazed ceramic product development mode, king kong glair tile also substantially affect the quality of glazed ceramic tile. Full glazed ceramic: full glazed ceramic and said: 'the whole cast glair. Today the whole glazed ceramic products technical definition of the industry, it should be a traditional polishing brick in the product of surface glazing and polishing. Transformation for the original production of polishing brick enterprises, production of glazed ceramic products is not complicated, compared with the polished tile, glazed ceramic products in the design and color is more abundant. After high temperature firing of ceramic tile, decorative pattern color texture is dialysis colour, not ordinary ceramic tile on the surface of a straightforward, but see, scratching their special shading lines, bright colors, breed of design and color is diversiform, natural texture. ( Reprinted material: all glazed ceramic firing the ceramic tile with long service life. General polishing brick is used long, easy to matte; Archaize brick is used long, because the surface of the glaze layer is thin, easy to wear. And all glaze firing the ceramic tile of transparent glaze thick, not easy to wear and tear, so its service life is 3 times of general powder brick. ) Extension: king kong glaze and the distinguish method glazed ceramic: a general method: choose quality is given priority to master all the glazed ceramic, king kong glaze each a piece of brick, and they together side by side askew, then watch to see the mirror effect between them, if bricky face a slightly phenomenon of water ripple is fully glazed ceramic tiles, king kong fully glazed brick and hardness testing, transparent degree of hardness is high.
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