The difference between the super SPAR and the glazed ceramic!

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-25
Ceramic ultra SPAR series products because of using new technology, in addition to having normal glazed ceramic bright luster and color design, and the jade jade texture with a rich artistic expression, full color texture more stereo, color transition nature more lifelike. It is worth mentioning that super SPAR mohs hardness compared with ordinary all glazed ceramic, increased significantly, more easily overcame all glazed ceramic tile of wear faults, and the thermal shock and thermal fatigue performance is significantly superior to ordinary glazed ceramic. We to analyze from the Angle of production, the ultra SPAR with glazed ceramic on the production process about the same, the difference between them mainly has: ( 1) Glaze layer is different. Super SPAR in a glazing ( Drench transparent glaze) More than the general all glazed ceramic process, generally all glazed ceramic surface transparent glaze is 0. 5 - 1 mm, while the SPAR surface layer of transparent glaze upset as 2 - 3 mm; ( 2) Polishing is different. Although super SPAR, glazed ceramic tile go through '- leveling Rough cast - Fine buffing 'the three working procedure, but they choose when polishing polishing mold is not the same. All glazed ceramic polishing with soft cast mould, and some super SPAR is hard to cast mould polishing we referred to as 'hard', higher hardness increased the difficulty of lapping and polishing time growth, but the glaze smoother after polishing, polishing is also less likely excessive; ( 3) Super SPAR more stable. Super SPAR solved fundamentally good all glazed ceramic water wave grain, crack, etc. Super SPAR is essentially all glazed ceramic tile, updated version. Super SPAR essence is through the introduction of new product concept, and in all the glazed ceramic production technology and process on the basis of injecting new technology as a bright spot, in order to lift prices. Super SPAR with thin body, mainly from the raw material usage and reduce energy loss in the process of production into consideration, in the case of product use function, large thin type of product. In addition, most companies use is 4200 tons of press, the product after high intensity of pressure molding, the tile surface layer formed in the structure of dense, even if the body is thin, also can ensure the super spinel tile walls and high wear resistance.
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