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The embellishment of niche tiles for home decoration

The embellishment of niche tiles for home decoration


In the matter of home decoration, each family has its own plan and direction. Different owners have different home aesthetics and preferences. Even if it is the same family, different members often produce different opinions on decoration. Whether it is as large as the overall home decoration style or as small as the specific tile product mix and selection, it is easy to be ambiguous. However, it is possible to reach a consensus that most owners usually want their home decoration to be different and have some more unique and exciting aspects.

However, the problem that plagues many owners is that in the face of the dazzling and homogenous ceramic tile products in the building materials market, how can they make their home decoration more brilliant in ceramic tile applications, without destroying the overall style uniformity, and Can show personality and characteristics? See more public tiles, you need to know about these niche tiles.

Cement tiles for niche tiles

There is a kind of tile made of cement in the home improvement industry, also known as "cement tile", which is generally used on the construction site to build walls. However, the cement tiles sold in the ceramic tile market refer to a type of ceramic tile that imitates the decorative effect of cement floors, with its neutral gray tone, low-key soft texture, and crack texture that has been naturally dried over the years. The decorative effect of cement tile is very suitable for the creation of home space such as minimalist style and modern minimalist style.

Metal tiles for niche tiles

Like cement tiles, metal tiles are antique tiles that simulate a certain texture. Premium porcelain tiles are characterized by realistic imitations of metal texture. The surface patterns are more abundant, which can show the different appearances of different metals such as gold, silver, aluminum, copper, etc.; and the cold touch of the tiles can be very close to the coldness of the metal. Metal tiles are often used in industrial styles.

Niche tile tiles

Even among the niche tiles, the tiles are very dazzling, and they are very characteristic tiles. The size of the tiles by tile manufactuer is relatively small, and the texture patterns are mostly dominated by flowers or geometric shapes. They are often used in balcony decoration or embellishment of local spaces, such as waist lines, and can often be designed into a variety of unique features by stitching. Decorative pattern.

Through the above introduction, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of the characteristics and applications of niche tiles! Although cement tiles, metal tiles, and tiles are niche, they have a strong decorative effect. Whether they are paved on a large area or partially decorated, they can create a more unique home space! Worry about homogeneity in home decoration? To create a unique and personalized home, niche tile decoration is applied!

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