The family is decorated in more and more, ceramic tile should be how to choose and buy more cost-effective? ( On)

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-23
As people more and more attention to the quality of life, the owners for a family to decorate a budget into more and more, also more and more high to the requirement of decorate building materials. As an important project in house decoration, ceramic tile of home decoration budget is quite high. Meanwhile, many owners do not know how should choose ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of how to buy more cost-effective? And in the ceramic tile on the market, the sale price of ceramic tile gap is big, quality is uneven. Next, small make up teach you by decorating a budget, ceramic tile kind two different methods to choose ceramic tile. The first method: according to decorate a budget when choosing some owners when choosing a ceramic tile ceramic tile is error, think that the higher the brand awareness, the ceramic tile of the more expensive the better quality. In fact, each family decorating a budget, don't need to 'hit swollen face depth', the excessive pursuit of brand or price. The whole house decorate down, do not need cost is low. On the premise of establishing whole decorate a budget, need reasonable control the cost of every link. When ceramic tile of choose and buy, if decorate a budget are very abundant, recommend choosing a first-line brand of high-grade ceramic tile, such as more than 100 yuan, 800 x 800 mm/all of glazed ceramic; If the budget is not much more special, but also not nervous, can consider to mid-priced second-line brand ceramic tile. For example - $50 80 yuan, 800 x 800 mm/piece of glazed ceramic; If when decorating, economic pressure is large, consider brand awareness is low, quality good three or four line brand ceramic tile, such as 10 yuan - RMB 30, 800 x 800 mm/full glazed ceramic. The second approach, according to different types of ceramic tile, ceramic tile species to select its adornment effect and selling prices, there is a big difference. As a result, many owners when choosing ceramic tile to building materials market, always easy to see spent eyes, appear passive. Actually, although there are many kinds of ceramic tile, but basically can be included in the polished tile and glazed ceramic tile this two kinds big. Polishing brick is evolved on the basis of body brick, has the very good stiffness and wear resistance, while retaining the adornment effect of the 'inside out' body brick, from the surface texture pattern to internal texture consistent. By naked eye, can see ceramic tile pattern of flank and front. And glazed ceramic tiles including all threw the glaze and glaze. All glazed ceramic, as mentioned earlier, is a more common glazed ceramic tile. All glazed ceramic design pattern rich, stereo sense is strong, the surface is smooth and bright, adornment effect is good. However, all glazed ceramic market price is higher, when the choose and buy according to their own reasonable decorate a budget planning.
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