The hotel lobby with these ceramic tile, also not afraid nobody to clock in?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-10
“ Place spirit is a symbol of a person with a specific space vivid ecological relationship. People from places, and give place with characteristics of various culture. In any grand or barren landscape, if not given human love, work and art, are not all displayed potential rich connotation. ” - - Rene & middot; Di, as the most prominent place in the design of the hotel lobby design is always the important link of the hotel design how to do a good job in the hotel design highlight the characteristics of hotel lobby design of every hotel has always been a designer to consider the most important problem is the whole hotel design steps need to effort let us together to enjoy the brunei as ceramic building high-end hotel lobby has the charm of how large size ceramic tile 01 spelling a flower is very test of ceramic tile processing craft, fully use the spelling a flower to design the hotel lobby into the shape of a flower, with the lobby in the middle of the Japanese maple bring out the best in each other, simple tea table, desk and chair to adorn properly, a low-key and connotation of hotel image. Ground brick: SKB002120240S Snow White, SKB203120240S golden gray jade, SKB701120240S deep-brown net 02 is also new Chinese style lobby, stylist makes full use of the clouds, and so on and so forth, background wall, xiangyun elements such as spelling a flower to create artistic conception of Chinese style hotel lobby, busy traveller entered the hotel can slow down the attitude to life. Ground tile: SKY00190S karanka tower, SKY10190S karanka tower 03 log wind hall design in the most simple true appearance give a person a kind of feel close to nature, let us in & other; Steel forest & throughout; Beginner's mind, find myself. This style of the lobby space, an enter a door often can give a person a kind of peaceful, comfortable. Shallow ash, ground tile: ELG13960120E Venice ELG72060120E FaGu brown 04 reasonable use of the lobby space, the lobby has multiple functions such as meal, recreation, check-in in southeast Asia is common in the design of the hotel. Such advantage is not a waste of space at the same time, to convey to the passers-by a hotel's function is not only to provide accommodation for tourists, but also integrated into the urban life attitude. Ash, ground brick: ELN13180S card ELN73180S Morgan black 05 various circular lines, and virtual star smallpox bring the lobby is very strong sense of the future. As if can swim space here, feel the vast universe of infinite charm. The ground brick: SKK00190S carrara white 06 the more simple the more impressive, often several lines will bring pure visual effect. The following hotel lobby design Jane but not empty, lightsome space structure, give a person with special space experience. The ground brick: SKY10190S karanka setting wall brick tower: SKY00190S karanka tower 07 concise sitting room by cutting ceramic tile, combination, and full of geometric smallpox mutual set off. The sofa of green soft outfit is added some nifty feeling for the whole space. Wall ground tile: grey, SKX00190S Snow White, SKY10190S SKL10390S Rome karanka tower 08 has experienced the refinement process of pursuit, paring down, resist the tide impact, style diversity, different connotation of new Chinese style the design of the hotel lobby has a unique aesthetic feeling of sui generis. It is based on implicit inside collect shape under the cultural connotation of the modern interpretation of space, mature, artistic conception, give a person a kind of sprung wide emotional experience. The ground brick: SKB113120240S Italian grey hotel lobby design appreciation will be here this time, want to read more about the design of the hotel to comment message to tell us!
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