The kitchen decorate ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-27
1, skid resistance, because the kitchen is one easy to damp space in the home environment, so the hard to avoid the ground of the kitchen will be wet. In the face of such situation, non-slip became more concerned about. Ceramic tile decoration matters needing attention, therefore, is to pay attention to the skid resistance of ceramic tile. The shop is stuck inferior smooth ceramic tile is a good choice. Inferior smooth ceramic tile is meet the requirements of the kitchen non-slip ceramic tile ceramic tile of all. At the same time, the abrasion resistance and skid resistance of body brick is good. Connect body tile not glaze, and the quality of a material is very hard, very suitable for use in the kitchen. 2, moisture resistance, the vast majority of people chooses ceramic tile to save trouble, so usually are mixed wall brick and floor tile. In fact, wall brick belongs to the ceramic products, floor tile is porcelain goods, the physical properties are not the same. You know, ceramic tile, bibulous rate is about 10%, and the bibulous rate of porcelain tiles is only 0. 5%. It is because the floor tile of bibulous rate is low so the ground laid fit. And wall brick is glaze earthen, moisture content is higher, and the back is rough, so convenient adhesive will the shop is stuck on the wall. Floor tile cannot stick tightly on the wall, the wall brick shop is stuck on the ground because of the meeting is bibulous too much and not easy to clean. Due to the larger kitchen and toilet water vapor, so wall brick should pay attention to moistureproof. It was also because of this, ceramic tile decoration matters needing attention in the kitchen may not be a mixture of wall brick and floor tile, choose moistureproof the glazed tile with good effect. 3, easy to clean the kitchen is the place of oil in the home, often need to be clean. Therefore, the kitchen needs the ceramic tile shop is stuck and convenient cleaning. Ceramic tile can be divided into the tile, glazed tile, polished tile, Mosaic, and other varieties. Because of the need for clean, however, never use Mosaic tile decoration note reminds the kitchen. Because the area of the Mosaic each piece are small, so the shop is stuck after will form a lot of cracks. The cracks are easy to shelter evil people and practices, and clean up very inconvenient. 4, small specifications of the kitchen area is usually not very big, so it is not suitable for large size ceramic tile. Otherwise, it will make the kitchen looks very crowded. Therefore, ceramic tile is more suitable for small and medium-sized specifications. Not only can have the effect of outspread vision, but also can reduce the loss and waste of ceramic tile, saving the cost of decoration. The above is the ceramic tile decorated considerations and decorated tiling considerations include part of the content. If in the process of household decoration, you can follow these tiles decorated considerations and decorated tiling considerations, you can avoid a lot of trouble for yourself.
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