The kitchen mesa not important? The dinner is important?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-28
In domestic outfit, the focus of many owners in the living room and bedroom to decorate, because the area and high use frequency. In fact, the material quality and process requirement of the highest decorate, it is kitchen and toilet, national policy and advocacy & other; Throughout life & health; The importance of, so the kitchen and toilet is the most the attention area, & other; Gold silver kitchen health & throughout; That makes sense. So we should put some of the most durable when decorating, the best quality materials used in the kitchen, cabinet is the skeleton of the kitchen, the most intuitionistic and ambry mesa is ambry quality measures. Cooking food all need mesa, as to the quality of life is the pursuit of modern people, mesa how can choose at random? So how to choose kitchen mesa? We follow the footsteps of decorate Lao shifu look at the reference solution. 1, man-made stone mesa, man-made stone is made of composite material, mixing materials include: crystal stone, resin, shell fragments, etc. Artificial stone rich patterns, the overall no juncture, also have the anti-fouling, function anti leakage, but not high temperature resistant, anti hot sex is not strong, filled with resin, is bad for our healthy living environment and environmental protection function is not ideal. 2, quartz, quartz, mesa is popular for a time, on the market at present most of the quartz is artificial, natural quartz, one of the more rare, its advantage is: fight corrupt wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, no radiation; The disadvantage is that: high hardness, color, less difficult shape, can't seamless, prone to black. 3, natural stone, natural stone is mainly refers to the granite and marble mesa. Granite antibacterial performance is good, but not wear-resisting, oil and easy ooze water seepage, difficult maintenance; Marble level is high in appearance, with unique natural texture, and hardness is strong, wear-resisting, defect is easy craze, weight is overweight, unfavorable to use for a long time. 4 marble tile, marble tile mesa with natural stone natural texture and excellent physical properties of ceramic tile, is undoubtedly the best choice for decorating. Ceramic tile is the high temperature burn becomes, the wear-resisting stain resistant, high hardness, not easy to deformation, etc. Marble tile has a natural stone texture effect, color is rich, the characteristics of different specifications, can easily control the variety of styles. Wood grain brick, suitable for natural pastoral style; Senior ash, suitable for contemporary and contracted wind and light much wind; Like the personalized design, can put the different color of ceramic tile cutting into various shapes and splicing & hellip; … There's another advantage of ceramic tile, marble is very easy to do, everyday gently with a ceramic tile can if brightness is new, later also do not need special maintenance. Comprehensive described above, the kitchen countertops or marble tile is better choice, not only environmental protection but also durable. The kitchen mesa has an inseparable relationship with food, choose to decorate material not only can make the space is about, still can create a good cooking.
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