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by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-20
Offer you choose the way of ceramic tile, hope will be helpful to you. 1 choose origin almost the ceramic tile on the market from two places: guangdong and shandong. Guangdong brick overall quality is better in shandong, the domestic brands of ceramic tile producer also generally comes from guangdong, so a little bit more simple choose guangdong brick. ( Shandong brick also have good quality, but need more critical) 。 2 the flatness flatness is critical, if the flatness is very poor, when the shop is stuck is also difficult to will not divide each tile edges are spread, have not only visual effect affected, serious and even cause luo ( 通用电气 ) The situation of the foot. Method one: paragraphs with two floor tile face to face on the desktop, squeezing side hands, watch the other side of the cock, cock is smaller, the higher the roughness. ( This method is applicable to completely smooth brick, does not apply to archaize brick and edges have special process of brick) Method 2: put a brick in the vertical with another piece of flat surface of the tile, observe the gaps between the two pieces of brick, pervious to light the less, the higher the roughness, the better the quality, in the ceramic tile of I've tested, flatness of Nobel ceramic tile is the best, not pervious to light, almost everyone in and around his own measurement can try. ( This method is not applicable to archaize brick) 3 see appearance before the appearance, must first take a look at the shop lights, light color, brightness is different, can cause larger visual differences. Necessary floor tile can be moved to take a closer look at outdoor, maximum reduction of ceramic tile of the original color. First of all, of course, is to choose their own like design and color, and then will see on the surface of the shortages and defects. See appearance when it should be noted that most small flaws on the surface of the floor tile, this kind of question even the big brands of ceramic tile will appear. If the defect is small, or rarely ( A few bricks have a) Can be neglected. Appearance should also pay attention to the floor tile edges have a knock against, floor tile of the bottom of the glaze is most vulnerable, the ceramic tile glaze quality is bad also edge problem first. Merchants will not, of course, there will be broken brick can open two packages of floor tile look at each corner, if only a few floor tile edges knock against, is acceptable, because when the shop is stuck, experienced bricklayer's will be put on the ground floor tile edges, one side of the cut off will have a problem, do not affect use. 4 try to weight the floor tile of the same size, weight, the greater the quality, the better, this is a comparison of simple and effective method to choose. Good quality floor tile ( 800mm*800mm) A pack of three pieces, a not regular exercise adult male is very difficult to move alone. ( I am the sort of, extreme lack of exercise two pieces of the floor tile of Nobel Prize in 800 mm * 800 mm I can't carry a man up) Weight reference: a 800 mm * 800 mm ceramic tile, about 30 to 40 catty, burden of a 600 mm * 600 mm ceramic tile is about 12 kg to 18 jins, a 300 mm * 300 mm ceramic tile is about 3 kg to 5 kg. 5 listening (with good thing Take the key, for example) Tap, the sound is ringing, the higher the degree of vitrified, the better the quality. Also can use the finger to clamp the corner of ceramic tile, make ceramic tile down, with handle gently blow on ceramic tile bottom, the other voice more clear, the better the quality. This method may be virtual, we should listen to more the floor tile of a few different price, in order to have accurate judgment ability. 6 bibulous rate is on the back of ceramic tile, look at water dispersed after absorbing water speed, in general, the slower suction, shows that the greater the density of ceramic tile, the better the quality. Floor tile should not bibulous, if floor tile water absorption, and can be seen from the front stain, it shows that the quality is very poor, don't buy it. Wall brick is bibulous rate, it is difficult to use this method to test, but now the wall tile and floor tile of form a complete set of basic it is sold, floor tile is qualified, wall brick no big problem. Poor quality of the floor tile on the back of the water quantity larger 7 tries this most likely skid resistance ceramic tile shop assistant will show you, let you directly on the floor tile surface guessing, feel the slide does not slide, but you think about it, what conditions will slide to on floor tile? Should be there is water, some tile surface water can be very slippery, will fall, so they should be in the tile surface in the test and a little water to simulate the real situation, and be sure to try on a brick in person, some bricks have water will be more smooth, some floor tile water will have more slippery, recommend this class. Test should wipe off the surface of floor tile, before because some brick surface has protective wax, can be very affect the accuracy of the self-test. Eight other details in the process I suggest that we must choose ceramic tile to the store to see, design and color and quality is difficult to see from the Internet, can go to the store to choose good model, to buy online. And merchants, no matter from which channel purchase to confirm good delivery is who, is sent to or delivered to home downstairs, can exchange free replenishment. Really very heavy because the floor tile of this kind of building materials, by themselves cannot move at home. And in the process of handling is very easy to cause the damage of ceramic tile, it is best to let merchants to you carry, such problems can find him, if you are looking for construction workers to move you, the ceramic tile damaged during handling process, basic is the must you pay for replenishment. Finally, if you really don't want to bother to discern ceramic tile quality, the most convenient option is to buy the ceramic tile of brand, such as the Nobel, dong peng, crown beads, such as the big brands of ceramic tile is indeed very trustworthy;
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