The main points of the ceramic tile of choose and buy

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-26
Ceramic tile is less essential in household decorates material, it has the waterproof, long service life, wear-resisting, and so on merits, is very popular with the people. Today we have to understand the main points of the ceramic tile of choose and buy. 1, watch & ndash; — See the specification the higher the gloss on the surface of the ceramic tile, ceramic tile sintered density, the better. Good ceramic tile, glazed presents a glittering and translucent and transparent feeling, in the light under the irradiation of light like a mirror reflection, poor ceramic tile, glazed is bleak. 2, listen & ndash; — Listen to the sound distinguishes the stand or fall with one hand five fingers apart, another hand knock ceramic tile surface. Good ceramic tile is the voice of the high density is more clear, lively; The ceramic tile with less density low sound more depressing. 3, cast & ndash; — Good ceramic tile ceramic tile not afraid fell good, after a face to face with the vertical fall there won't be any damage, this is decided by the strength of ceramic tile. The ceramic tile with good ceramic tile strength, poor strength is low, a cast will be broken 4, said & ndash; — Good ceramic tile weight large sitting room tile density high, weight are heavier, more real, uniform thickness, edge horn without defects such as skip feet. Poor quality of ceramic tile is relatively light weight. 5, pick & ndash; — Choose the color of the good base of bottom slab is present meters between white and yellow color, if present slant yellow or black base color, shows that the product contains impurities, too much is not a good product. The main points of the ceramic tile of choose and buy is introduced here, and if also want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on the knowledge of brunei.
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