The maintenance knowledge of ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-02
The maintenance knowledge of ceramic tile ceramic tile is in use process may be due to improper use of the cementation corrupt phenomenon, several common seepage pollution treatment method is as follows: 1, tea, fruit stains, coffee, soy sauce, vinegar, leather printing, and so on stains using sodium hypochlorite diluent ( Bleach) , when used for 20 - After 30 minutes with cloth wipe; Some infiltration in the brick stain for a longer time, soaking time should be a few hours. 2, ink, antifouling wax mould forming mould, using sodium hypochlorite diluent ( Bleach) 。 When used as long as bleach tu soak for a few minutes can clean the stain. 3, cement, scale, scale, rusty spot using hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid solution, wiped a few times more. 4, antifouling paint, oil, and surface wax layer using alkaline detergents or organic solvents ( And 5 ketone, triethylene) Degreasing agent, to paint. 5, rubber hammer decontamination method of use: first use 20% -- 40% sodium hydroxide solution soak cloth rub-up after 24 hours, and then use 30% - 50% hydrochloric acid solution soak for 30 minutes after wipe with a cloth. 6, ice cream using alkaline detergent. 7, lime scale use acidic cleaner. Remark: above 1, wear rubber gloves during use. 2, reoccupy after clear the stains will brick face scrub clean water, please. 3, market or supermarket has a new decontamination cleaner, refer to the above range and method of decontamination. D005 ceramics question 1 empty drum take small hammer pieces on the ground and the ceramic tile of metope, are free to determine drum through the noise. If there is no empty drum, noise is boring, if free drum, sound is ringing. Floor tile of wall of the shop is stuck local empty drum shall not exceed 5% of the total. Causes: the cause of empty drum ceramic tile, are some common situations: 1. Ceramic tile is in front of the shop is stuck bubble water is not enough or too long. 2. When the shop is stuck, not enough cement mortar mixing evenly or ratio of cement mortar does not reach the designated position, too little cement tile surface can't stick metope. 3. Ceramic tile shop is stuck, no home worker process, there is no make with cement or cement ceramic tile ceramic tile shop is stuck is close-grained, can decrease the adhesion of ceramic tile. Changes in the seasons, the temperature difference assembly to make these issues more prominent. 4. The light body wall, insulation riser wall and pipe wall using keel more add a new method of making, cement pressure plate or layer on keel, next reoccupy cement pressure plate. Pasted on the wall brick, because since the major ceramic tile, keel stress after easy deformation, the displacement, cement pressure plate will also therefore must change, as the moisture evaporates, the contraction of the material such as cement mortar, ceramic tile is also prone to empty drum. In order to reduce the possibility of an empty drum ceramic tile, usually in front of the tile should be hung wire mesh or use interface agent or the ratio of mortar, reduce the occurrence of empty drum problem. Processing method: if only a corner or middle point appear empty drum, this is normal. If more than two or more edges or among several empty drum ceramic tile, ceramic tile arch, even with metope release, you must ask the shop workers lay bricks of heavy. And if more than a third of the pavement area is empty drum, you need to pry all the floor tile shop again. Replacement, attention should be paid to replace parts have a hydropower pipeline passing by. Question 2: ceramic tile arch camber, fall off due to 1. Construction crews to cut corners, the proportion of cement and sand not according to the standard; 2. Process time, sand cement mix, and later also omitted 'Xing' of time, usually 3 - 4 minutes; 3. Workers after the tile without further solid tile and the combination of metope, direct settle on the shop; 4. More serious bad belongs to the first basic level processing, construction group didn't do hair treatment before tile; 5. Glazed tile bubble water didn't have enough time. Treatment methods: as long as there are two reasons exist at the same time, the ceramic tile is bound to fall off. Generally speaking, the shop is stuck not dense, processes is not good at the grass-roots level and bubble water didn't have enough time is a common cause, can use off the ceramic tile ceramic tile uf agent glued on. Question 3 cracking ( 1) Metope appears widespread cracks occur on the surface of the ceramic tile reasons: because of subsidence caused by cracks, mostly in the new house, the old house is relatively less, if produce subsidence at the grass-roots level, leads to a brick, wall paint on the surface of the crack. If there are rules or irregular cracks several brick, it can be removed to determine whether problems at the local level. If several pieces of floor tile fracture in the same direction, and across the room, the floor tile of other rooms did not change, it is possible that the house floor deformation of foundation, such as floor raphe cracking or deformation of the ground leveling layer cracking and other infrastructure in ceramic tile craze. Processing method: check whether changes at the grass-roots level is serious, serious word may affect housing security, no serious, does not affect the use, can need not tube, can keep attention to basic change. ( 2) Ceramic tile surface crack causes: 1. Quality of ceramic tile itself too time also can cause cracking or cracked, but Cui Tao said at present this kind of situation is relatively rare, 'the quality of the tile does too, tensile property is likely to appear this kind of circumstance'. 2. Before the shop is stuck not bubble water curing, resulting in tensile strength of the cement mortar of brick surface cracking. 3. Waterproof and so on basic level processing does not reach the designated position, also can cause metope ceramic tile of cracking. Processing method: if not empty drum, loss, ceramic tile craze is more beautiful, if the trouble, can need not tube.
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