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The marble tile plays an important role in family space application design

The marble tile plays an important role in family space application design


The marble tile plays an important role in family space application design

In recent years,marble tiles have been surging forward in the home decoration industry and are advancing vigorously. Many high-end home improvement consumers have been using marble tiles instead of high-end decoration.

As a ceramic tile product that is known for its decorative effects and style characteristics, marble tiles do have their own unique features, and the range of tile applications is also very wide. So, what spaces and scenes are mainly used for marble tiles, and what aspects should be paid attention to in actual decoration applications?

The main functional areas in the home usually include the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom and balcony. According to the applicable home space, marble tiles are mostly used in the living room, dining room, bedroom and bathroom.

The living room is not only the main place for family members to interact with each other, but also a place to meet people. The decoration design of the living room often represents the living taste and aesthetic ambition of the home owner. Marble tiles that imitate the texture of natural stone texture are naturally natural and rich in colors, which can create a simple atmosphere and high-grade space atmosphere, showing the home grade. Moreover, the high gloss of marble tiles can improve and enhance the ambient light in the living room.

The restaurant is a functional area where the family puts down their busyness and tiredness after a long day of work, sits down to eat and communicate together, and plays a very important role in the home. The marble tiles used in the restaurant are mainly based on warm colors, which bring out a warm and cozy family atmosphere and make people more relaxed. When choosing, priority should be given to light shades with elegant tones, which not only can soften the visual effect, but also extend the sense of space in the restaurant, making it more spacious and open.

In contrast, the bedroom and bathroom are more private spaces. As the most common activity space for individuals, the decoration of the bedroom usually combines the interests and hobbies, living habits and decoration of the occupants. However, the biggest function of the bedroom is living and resting, so if you choose marble tiles, it is recommended to use flower textures that are not too complicated, or solid colors, to avoid large-scale paving and causing fancy and clutter, causing visual discomfort and fatigue.

Due to the characteristics of the space environment of the bathroom, marble tiles with light colors and high brightness are generally selected. Because it can make the bathroom space appear bright and clean. Of course, when making specific purchases, there are still decisions based on the light conditions in your own bathroom. Also, pay attention to choosing marble tiles with better anti-skid and waterproof performance.

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