The metope mildewy at home?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-19
The metope mildewy at home how their renovation? Metope after long time of use or the south after the rainy season, metope is prone to mildew or falls off phenomenon, on how to deal with this situation? The metope of the mould is not only poor aesthetic but also seriously affected People's Daily life, so we need to be ready after the of metope renovation, so how to renovate the wall? 1, clean up the metope of metope after once the mold is easy to generate pulverization, fall off phenomenon, when renovation so you need to do the basic processing of metope, some pulverization serious place to root out and with white cement besmear again. For after the metope paint processing to remove grinding processing, the operations and besmear in favour of late. 2, besmear brushs metope primer moldy in the process of renovation must besmear first primer, primer can effectively protect the metope of resistance to alkali moistureproof effect, also can across the paint for effective protection, improve the quality and effect of paint, if in the process of renovation moldy metope is not besmear brushs paint directly above lacquer, extremely easy to cause the metope appears again in the future the status of the mold bubble, so the metope of primer coating is very important. 3, to repair the wall some walls in the damage, and some of the metope is completely without damage, on the wall if local trim will be easy to produce off color, suggest as far as possible, so the choice of the repair of large area, to avoid the overall impact is not conducive to beautiful colour difference is bigger.
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