The Mosaic tile shop sticks

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-02
Mosaic tiles are very fashion, the shop is stuck in the home is pure and fresh and beautiful, so a lot of people will choose when decorate this, but the shop is stuck when need to work, many people don't know what to do, so the following will introduce how the Mosaic tile shop sticks? 1, the first step on the floor glue is to brush glue, to be ready first puissant ceramic tile adhesive, with a plaster knife ceramic tile glue daub is on the wall, not too much attention to daub. To glue daub is on the wall, then with smooth plaster knife will glue daub evenly, generally the thickness of the glue is about 20 mm. 2, shop sticks ceramic tile in the glue is good brush Mosaic in accordance with the drawings can be aligned cracks after the shop is stuck, the Mosaic with plaster or putty knife shovel against, or with flat planks mat on the surface of the Mosaic, uniform with rubber hammer knock, ensure paste is firm. Part 3, check the shop is stuck in ceramic tile to the wall after all don't be so quick to stick out, pay attention to check whether have paved tiles and firm, the width of the gaps between tiles must be determined to be unified, can adjust the mortar joint with gray shovel, this is the very important steps in the process of tile Mosaic. 4, all sitting room jointing ceramic tile ceramic tile stick, and moderate moisture to dry and initial strength after, will begin to tick off seam, ready for the gap filling agent, with a plaster knife jointing agent into Mosaic crevice, pay attention to each starched area less than 2 square meters. Caulking agent apply Mosaic surface, ensure that all of the mortar joint can completely fill and there is no redundant residue. How the Mosaic tile tile is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile shop sticks can focus on the brunei.
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