The most valuable experience in ceramic tile decoration

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-15
Ceramic tile is one of the ground adornment material in domestic adornment, occupies very important position, all the family can use ceramic tile, ceramic tile good decorative effect will be very good, service life is longer. But if buy the ceramic tile of quality problems, or shop at the problems, then the decoration quality is worrying. Ceramic tile, identification of ceramic tile of choose and buy is good or bad, and ceramic tile shop, protection of know-how, steps and the erroneous zone. 1, according to their family structure, and be fond of, choose the style of ceramic tile, is the tile pattern, grain, gloss. 2, see: the color of ceramic tile wants even, better surface finish and flatness, around the rules, the picture is in good condition. 3, listen: tap with good thing, the sound is ringing, the vitrified degree is higher, the better the quality. Can also be left thumb and forefinger and middle finger clip ceramic tile, easily down, with the right hand index finger tapping the tile part, such as sound clear, sweet after taste, such as sound annoyed, turbidity is inferior. 4, try: the water droplets in the ceramic tile on the back, see water out after the infiltration speed, bibulous the slower, clarify the density of ceramic tile, the greater the quality, the better; On the contrary, the faster the water absorption, density is sparse, its quality is relatively poor. 5, quantity: ceramic tile side length accuracy is higher, the better the effect after the shop is stuck, every piece of ceramic tile is measured with a tape measure range around the presence of differences, high accurate for top grade. 6, with merchants to talk about the price, in general, as long as there is necessarily profits, they will do the business, can cut a little more discount first, then gradually. 7, investigate the creditibility of the merchants, admitted that if some brand authorized dealer. 8, realized that the manufacturers supply services, such as professional service personnel, can supply shop sticks ceramic tile design scheme. 9, buy ceramic tile with loss, return ask conditions, order to concrete. 10, to be able to talk to merchant good delivery to the house, and pavement service, set the prices clearly in advance. 11, is bound to test the product before the shop is stuck, qualified ceramic tile generally have a carton packaging, with a specific material. 12, must examine the worker's aptitude and ability, to be able to find some know more friends to help. 13, tile floor tile of wall of the shop is stuck seam must be reserved, prevent cement heat bilges cold shrink can because there is no room for and reduce its service life. 14 and ceramic tile the technological process of the construction workers in strict supervision, contain the underlying processing, clean up dirt, water wet one day in advance, leveling, soak ceramic tile and so on. 15, the shop is stuck inspection link, to test flatness, empty drum phenomenon, have off color, floor tile aperture is common, toilet and the balcony to consider slope and the floor drain, etc. Foshan, ancient ceramics co. , LTD. Brand Overland in ceramic names in foshan, guangdong province, is a collection of production, sales, polished tile, glazed ceramic, connect body tile, bo changes a tile, microcrystalline, negative ion ceramic tile, ceramic tile, etc for the integration of modern ceramic enterprise, enterprise strength is abundant, the introduction of Italy advanced ceramic equipment, also with the advanced research and development center, tens of thousands of square meters of logistics warehousing center, established more than European standards and national standards are strict internal control standards, product specifications, design and color is novel and fashionable, all-round meet the needs of different levels.
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