The origin of archaize brick

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-06
Archaize brick in ceramic tile is the rise of a new species, it is different from polishing brick and tile, it have a pair of 'natural' 'antique' face, so people call it 'archaize brick'. In addition to the 'archaize brick', there are brick restoring ancient ways, the classical brick, brick of pangea, porcelain glazed tile and so on. We can see from these names, most of these in the name has a 'old' word. Archaize brick 'ancient' is 'classical', the meaning of 'quaint', refers to the hope that with the unique flavor of classical attracts the attention of the people. Classical, typically embodied in the years vicissitudes of life, historical massiness, pursuit of archaize brick is a kind of 'natural'. So the United States and Europe of archaize brick are usually not separation, let it be, give a person with the feeling of like nature itself. 'Imitation' archaize brick is not deliberately to counterfeit, or to copy, but a kind of pursuit, the pursuit of that kind of natural feeling, to the home in a simple, elegant temperament. From the archaize brick exterior characteristics, as compared with the polished tile, tile archaize brick does give people a feeling of antique, or it is closer to the 'natural' state. Archaize tile design is the essence of 'nature', 'natural state'.
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