The production methods of homemade ceramic tile ambry

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-19
With the continuous improvement of people's life quality requirements, as well as to the personalized pursuit of an outfit, homemade ambry of ceramic tile decorating markets heat up slowly, small make up here today to share some knowledge of the home-made ceramic tile ambry and pay attention to ( Homemade ceramic tile cabinet) 1. The base of ceramic tile ark: usually about 10 - 15 cm, can use solid tile laying on the ground, and then put the ceramic tile on the solid tile, pay attention to the edge of the tile, and then built cement. On the edge of package edge enough, then spread a layer of ceramic tile, pay attention to the surface of ceramic tile up, this is the bottom of the cabinet. 2. The height of the be born ark cabinet: be born ark cabinet ( Including the mesa) The height of the more appropriate, which is about 80 cm. The regulation of common foot height is 10 centimeters, bench height is 4 cm. The cabinet height is 65 cm, usually the height is 71. 5cm。 Cabinet put oneself in another's position height = adjustable feet, cabinet put oneself in another's work. 3. Homemade ceramic tile condole ark height: the height of the many houses about 250 cm, but according to the ordinary people of average height and operating habits, rarely used above 180 cm. If you want to ensure that closet is always available, should reduce the height for easy maintenance. The closet hanging position also involves the problem of smoke lampblack machine. Smoke lampblack machine of suction is associated with height. The higher the hook, the smaller the effect of smoking. Many families have determined the height of the rack is about 85 cm long, while the scope for smoke lampblack machine about 75 cm distance from the table. In fact, the height is not convenient operation, easy to hit on the head, and smoke exhaust effect is bad. The standard position of smoke lampblack machine should with BanGui ( Except for the desktop) 52 cm / 65 cm apart. More than the height, will not be able to effectively play the efficiency of smoke lampblack machine. The height of the hood is 52 cm, condole ark is usually the height of 65 cm / 78 cm / 91 cm. It is according to the height of the kitchen ceiling. If the kitchen ceiling is higher than 2. 3 m, condole ark can consider to use 91 cm. 4. The depth of the cabinet: cabinet floor ( Including the mesa) The depth of the usually is about 60. 5 cm. The depth of the depth of the cabinet is 56 centimeters, condole ark is 32 cm. The above are some of the small small make up of homemade ambry of ceramic tile, hope to have with friends can offer to help. ( Homemade ceramic tile cabinet)
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