The sitting room is a family activity center, ceramic tile choice more seriously

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-24
With the development of modern home decoration more and more mature, the modern family usually divides the function space for the sitting room, dining-room, kitchen, advocate lie, second lie, or the guest lies, as well as the children room, toilet, etc. Then, according to the different use function and the characteristic of the occupants of the space, choose suitable building materials for decoration. Among them, the function of the sitting room no matter external or internal plays a very important and core role. Therefore, in the sitting room is decorated in, the owners are willing to spend more cost and state of mind. However, in the specific use which kind of ceramic tile as wall ground adornment material, often puzzled. So, how should the wall of the sitting room ground tile, what are the factors that affect is worthy of note? Before choosing the wall of the sitting room ground tile, we need to know what is the space of the sitting room. The characteristics of the sitting room mainly reflected in the large space area, high altitude, the light is strong. Specific, basically every household of sitting room space is the biggest area in all function space, because the sitting room is a family activity center, is the center of the external exchanges. It also makes the sitting room both single side wall and the ground, the area is large. Secondly, the sitting room because no pipe, without the aid of condole to keep out so it is highly comparative hutch defends a space, is much higher. In addition, considering the important function of sitting room, the daylighting of the door model design usually is also a more open and bright, most can have direct sunlight to come in, and even have a plenty of north-south convection of the family. Understand the characteristics of the finished the space of the sitting room, can be wall ground ceramic tile of choose and buy of the relevant planning. First of all, corresponding to the area of the sitting room wall ground are the characteristics of big size can choose ceramic tile of the specifications of the planning. Because of the large area of the shop is stuck small size ceramic tile, easy to appear messy, and not enough generous; So, in order to reveal the atmosphere of the sitting room clean and tidy, will usually choose the ceramic tile specification is big. However, unless is layer or Pacific Ocean villa, need careful consideration big board, such as rock plate extra-large ceramic tile products. Second, because of the sitting room there is a big part of wall ground is no barrier, direct exposure to the visual field, so, in order to beautiful, as far as possible to reduce floor tile aperture. In the sitting room planning of ceramic tile, this factor into consideration, too. Finally, corresponding to the light of the sitting room is bright, the characteristics of needs to consider when choosing a ceramic tile design and color. This case, you can choose ceramic tile design and color is more deep, soft luster compare products. In this way, can also reflect the composed atmosphere of the sitting room.
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