The sitting room of popular ceramic tile color what color?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-27
The sitting room decorate ceramic tile occupy a higher position in the family, the beauty of it, bridal chamber is decorated not beautiful, can directly affect the grade and the grade of a family, so many people choose to the sitting room decorate more attention. Bridal chamber decorates choose ceramic tile sitting room or just have a lot of the owners of the community, to select suitable sitting room decorate a style and pattern of ceramic tile. More popular living room Overland ceramic tile color to give you analyze analysis: 1, the senior ash from last year's trend, ceramic tile floor tile color from yellow to advocate gray, advocate gray tile appearance beautiful high grade, the effect is very good likeable, introduces the salesman will advocate gray, choose more customers, bridal chamber is decorated still advocate gray, in this period of time the gray ceramic tile is really popular in the living room. The current relatively popular 'senior gray tiles', especially the selection of floor tile, the grade of the grey ceramic tile can let whole sitting room, let a person feel a kind of cool, more style, mix some more light blue sofa and metope of popular color, then mixing result. M1865C- Dark grey large size 900 * 1800 mm ceramic tile 2, main grey light yellow ceramic tile is the choice for most people, but each is gray, but there is no home the characteristics of their own. So what kind of color or according to your own choice to love to go to decorate. Sitting room pick light yellow ceramic tile, the color can let a sitting room atmosphere highlight particularly warm, make the person feel warm, comfortable and easy and comfortable, is a worthy to choose floor tile color, still popular a kind of ceramic tile color. 801 tt - Light yellow brick marble tiles 800 * 800 mm3, brown ceramic tile ceramic tile selected brown sitting room, in terms of visual looked at as wood floor surface, to bear or endure dirty, the whole sitting room adornment is restoring ancient ways, highlights the comparison of artistic feeling and simple sense, is a very nice color. 815760 - Office 150 * 800 mm3 wood grain tile, rice white rice white ceramic tile ceramic tile is improved under the basis of white ceramic tile, make a sitting room atmosphere is high in appearance, and highlights the feel at ease, comfortable and easy and comfortable family. Rice white ceramic tile shop of sitting room selection is relatively good choose, because rice white ceramic tile more moderate light, can increase the whole and indoor sweet feeling, enhance the grade of the family, simple, beautiful, grade, depression would not exist. 816GA- Diamond 800 * 800 mmoverland ceramic style is numerous, as a private enterprise with fifteen years of ceramic tile production and operation of ceramic tile manufacturers - Overland ceramics. Have been continuously introduce new ceramic tile, and reliable quality, reasonable price, so get the size of the engineering across the world, home of the order, no wonder ~! Overland fifteen years has always followed the trend of constant progress, to launch all kinds of new style for you. Welcome hotline: 86 - 757 - 87678922 ( With WeChat)
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