The sitting room tile laid five note elements!

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-18
1, the specification of ceramic tile if your sitting room area of more than 30 square meters, you can consider to use when you choose ceramic tile specifications 80 * 80 of floor tile, if your sitting room area is less than 30 square meters, the small make up recommend you can choose the floor tile of 60 * 60 specifications below, but try not to use the floor tile of less than 60 * 60 below. If the choose small size ceramic tile in the space of large area, it looks will feel the space is very crowded. On the contrary, if choose large size ceramic tile in little space, it also can let a person feel have a feeling of not harmonious, so choose the right would be a good ceramic tile in the shop is stuck. 2, the color of the sitting room is decorated in the first place is to can give a person a kind of comfortable, bright, natural feeling, so choose a light color ceramic tile is relatively appropriate, for example you can consider to use shallow cream-colored, white, pure color, or with a small decorative pattern such as types of ceramic tile will be better. 3, selection of material living room floor tile is perfect ceramic tile, the main reason is that it is, by contrast is more wear-resisting, bright, it is important to the ceramic tile clean it is comparatively easy. Of course there are also some owners are like to use archaize tile, archaize tile look look good, but clean up will be difficult. 4, the ornament is contracted, fluent in domestic outfit forever tenet, living room floor tile shop sticks is the same reason. Play crural line selection is ceramic tile shop sticks a big difficulty, we know that most of wall is the use of the coating, paint and the location of the ground contact also is usually easier to play to the local people. If you do not install the line that play a base, accumulated for a long time, can easily make you cause pollution or damage to the wall. 5, ceramic tile maintenance after the shop is stuck on the ceramic tile of the sitting room before the shop is stuck, here it is suggested to put the ceramic tile in more than two to three hours of immersion in water, to do this is to make the ceramic tile can absorb sufficient moisture after the shop is stuck, and the ceramic tile of absorb sufficient moisture, won't appear after the shop is stuck them those empty drum, fall off, the phenomenon such as stick does not happen.
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