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by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-16
Ceramic tile makes craft and characteristic according to the can be divided into negative ion brick, glazed pottery, brick, polishing brick, bo changes a brick and Mosaic. Anion ceramic tile brick is new this year, is a member of the brick, but its wear resistance is higher than ordinary ceramic tile, can purify air and improve indoor air quality; Connect body tile is more wear-resisting, but its design and color is not glazed pottery, applicable to the footpath outdoor hall hall, corridor, and so on the ground; Glazed tile than polishing tile rich colour and design, at the same time have the effect of anti-fouling, but wear resistance than polishing brick, suitable for kitchen, bathroom, balcony; Polishing brick hardness is very high, very wear-resisting, scope of application in addition to the bathroom, kitchen, most of the rest interior space can be used, but do not recommend using domestic outfit; Exposed bo changes a brick of bo, dust, grease and other easy to penetrate, is suitable for the sitting room, bedroom, aisle, etc. Therefore, domestic outfit with negative ions, connect body marble tile ceramic tile, glazed tile can be used in the sitting room, the owner can also like tile and characteristics to choose according to their own. And ceramic tile itself consists of quartz sand, clay fired according to certain proportion to make certain of the environmental protection, use does not cause environmental pollution, the owner can be at ease use!
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