The sitting room with these ceramic tile, appearance level expanded several times

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-16
The sitting room, can not only as a guest place, also can be carefree dwelling place, so no matter external or internal, the appearance of the sitting room level is very important. To create high levels of the sitting room in appearance, need from several aspects, the first step is to choose the ceramic tile, luxurious or contracted space style, can through the ceramic tile of different category or deduce various beauty shop is stuck way. Contracted marble tile tie-in skill: basic shop is stuck with wave lineup of small and medium-sized family sitting room more commonly used basic way of the shop is stuck, such as common bo changes a brick, marble, ceramic tile can use is spread, this method is easier then the shop is stuck, texture and cohesion are harmonious. If want to build luxury style, spelling a flower is enough to make the best use of water knife wave line, the small and medium-sized family also can have the effect of spelling a flower is pure and fresh and changeable wood grain brick tie-in skill: one word spread equally spread fishbone spelling wood grain brick used in the sitting room, also more and more common. Besides because wood grain brick appearance level is high, wood grain brick also has to bear or endure dirty wear-resisting good running characteristics, because of this, loved by the young owner. Suitable for building the Nordic wind, new Chinese style decorates a style. Time seems still the wood grain brick + tiling minimalist modern wind archaize tile tie-in skill: soft outfit collocation not burdensome very popular modern archaize brick and popular in Europe and the United States minimalist wind collision together, always can let a person the feeling of amazing years. Modern beauty of archaize brick inside collect and not make public, if if there is no water in evidence, doubled its lasting appeal. Hale line, suitable to build cool industrial application effect of wind on modern archaize brick wall chic hexagon brick tie-in skill: mixed use, setting wall hexagon brick broke the conventional ceramic tile square image, in the form of small chic hexagon, more show art van. Archaize brick archaize brick is also common in Europe and the United States, particularly suited to build the Mediterranean wind.
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