The sitting room with what kind of ceramic tile, glazed ceramic tile and polished tile do you still carry not clear

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-23
After more than a year of waiting, for building a house, and developers & other; Wits & throughout; More than a week, finally solved the problems, can be delivered smoothly. Because buy is semifinished product room, from hard to soft outfit, the next is to decorate decorate a company to find myself. However, decorate no small matter, the thought of going to buy all kinds of building materials, in front of the construction process and acceptance never contact, I feel headache, just search and see ceramic tile related knowledge has let a person dazzling. Although since the moment to buy a house, and she is through the network, such as friends and channels to know about the kinds of ceramic tile, selection and the shop is stuck, inspection and acceptance of information. Real time to practice, however, is inevitably meng, don't know where to start. For example, like the living room floor tile should use glazed ceramic tiles, or polishing brick, each have a story. Then what should I do? What are the differences between glazed ceramic tiles and polished tiles, when the choose and buy should pay attention to? Glazed ceramic tile and polished tile although name looks very similar, but don't get confused, they from the appearance to the performance has bigger difference. In this era of the face, the sitting room as home to their relatives and friends & other The facade & throughout; , choose ceramic tile, of course, also want to see the appearance level in the first place. So, we can start with the appearance of the glazed ceramic tile and polished tile in the comparison. Under normal circumstances, glazed ceramic tiles of high gloss, can achieve 80 & deg; Above, the surface is smooth and bright, and colour is abounded, pattern design change multiterminal, exquisite and delicate design and color texture. And polishing brick glossiness keeps in moderate, namely 50 & deg; Or so, plain on the surface of the ceramic tile, slightly rough, simple sense low-key, but its pattern, depth of cut will not affect adornment effect. So it seems, on the exterior adornment effect, glazed ceramic tiles suit to create a light atmosphere or luxury fashion luxury household style, more suitable for shaping and polishing brick low-key costly or simple natural household style. In addition to beautiful degree, depending on the practical performance and service life. If it is used as a common floor tile, want to consider the stiffness and wear resistance of ceramic tile, which on the one hand, polishing brick is obvious advantage. But also look at whether to bear or endure dirty fouling resistance, moistureproof and waterproof, and easy cleaning, whether in this ways glazed ceramic tile more dominant. So it is hard to judge simply glazed ceramic tiles, or polishing brick in a more practical use should be combined with the actual space reasonable design and application. In addition, look from the performance-to-price ratio, glazed ceramic tile is more expensive, the cost of large area of the shop is stuck in the sitting room if required.
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