The tide has come, the new Chinese style style ceramic tile that looks better

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-27
Contemporary family is decorated is mainly influenced by Europe and the United States decorate a style, the style of the most popular is imported from abroad, such as European style, American style, Jane Europe style, modern style, boreal Europe style, and so on. Although have already Chinese style and the new Chinese style style, but also like part primarily by owner. In recent years, with the augmentation of the national self-confidence, and the popularity of traditional culture; At the same time, represented by the new Chinese style style, household style with Chinese culture connotation is in constant development, meet the demand of the aesthetic and household use of consumer groups. Thus, by more and more the favour of the owner. So, what features of new Chinese style have? If you want to make new Chinese style household style, how to choose ceramic tile to better match? New Chinese style style, also known as the modern Chinese style style, blended in traditional Chinese style element in the design, and combining with contemporary household life habits and aesthetic way, through the adoption of modern popular design gimmick, make whole family decorate not only has the cultural charm of Chinese style style, and won't appear too heavy, has the sense of modern design and times. Therefore, when choosing ceramic tile, according to the actual family door model, from the style, color, the category of ceramic tile, custom exclusive new Chinese style style. Some owners may have doubt, ceramic tile also has style? B: of course. Such as glittering cast the brics, is more suitable for collocation European domestic outfit style; Antique archaize brick, more suitable for collocation rural style and American style, etc. In order to better reflect new Chinese style household style, also launched on the market a lot of Chinese style element and cultural background of the ceramic tile products. Such as common, use more with peony flowers, auspicious implies design such as carp jump longmen ceramic tile. For colour collocation, on the one hand, the new Chinese style decorates a style is a combination of traditional and modern, need to reflect modern; New Chinese style decorates a style, on the other hand, in terms of soft outfit colour more rich, so for the hard part of ceramic tile, more joker USES mostly gray, yellow and plain. Ceramic tile is gray department is composed, and very fashionable. Yellow is belong to warm color to move, restore ancient ways more warmth, and plain is very suitable for the new and the wooden furniture of Chinese style style. Archaize brick in ceramic tile category, bring their own cultural appeal, with solid wood grain texture wood grain brick, marble tile and elegant atmosphere, is to build the good choice of the new Chinese style decorates a style. Both want joker wind, adornment sex is strong, should choose to ceramic tile products. Going to the owners of the adoption of new Chinese style style in decorating, know how to choose the ceramic tile?
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