The toilet clean ceramic tile is too dirty

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-28
In addition to the bedroom will be outside the shop installs wooden floor in the home, in the bathroom, kitchen and living room area, most families will still choose the ceramic tile shop is light color fastens, this effect, on the one hand, with the brightness of ascension for household virtually make our household space at the same time have a spacious feeling on the vision. 8 dl511 - The tile marble tiles - 800 * 800 home bathroom toilet whole bathroom glass and walls, floor tile, after a long time to have a lot of dirt, it is difficult to clean, simple way is to go to the supermarket to buy a bathroom Mr Wham multifunctional foam detergent, spray dry cloth to wipe a can, it is easy to clean the bathroom tile surface besmirch dry static. The bathroom ceramic tile seam in the dirt, can use spray some bathroom cleaner in dirt, wait a minute, to brush brush, at the same time to wash. If you want to the extent of the bathroom the ceramic tile of the white and light, can add a few ammonia in soapy water. 8DL516- The tile marble tiles - 800 * 800 if using a high concentration of professional kitchen cleaner to clean ceramic tile, certainly will be very effort, but also will cause certain damage to ceramic tile, is more easy to get dirty in the future, just like with acidic detergent to clean up the sanitary ware, will damage the surface of the ceramic tile. Ceramic tile clean around the kitchen hearth, can use the kitchen oil cleaning fluid spraying again, reoccupy cloth wipe away. 8DL532- The tile marble tiles - 800 * 800 pollution should be regular daily maintain daily ceramic tile pollution and blotch is refers to the surface of floor tile is from People's Daily life and work of some common pollution and blotch, which is formed by the unknown as oil pollution, dust and dirt, etc. For some common oil, use some larger alkaline or weak alkaline or neutral detergent containing surfactant formula can get ideal result. Floor tile clean first pour cleaner on the job, when using a slightly hard brush, soak for 10 minutes, scrub with the brush back and forth, and then clean up these dispensers, reoccupy clear water is swabbed on both sides.
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