The winter of ceramic tile stick method

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-17
We all know that in the new house decorate good, after be being entered can present many tiles for no reason, or is present empty drum phenomenon, even if in warranty period, the workers in the repair, also can bring a lot of trouble, ceramic tile in the matters needing attention during the construction of very much, is not easy to post on the wall, especially in the case of low winter temperatures should notice more. A: indoor temperature to moderate winter decoration strength very much, because in the case of low temperature, has a high requirement on the ceramic tile. For example, when indoor temperature at minus seven or eight degrees Celsius is not appropriate to post ceramic tile. Or cement mortar mixing unevenly, or some sediment even contain ice, this inevitably has a great influence on the post after ceramic tile. Construction temperature is not less than 5 degrees Celsius below zero. On empty drum has two: empty drum ceramic tile make consumers very trouble, the main reason is the bonding layer mortar thin, when the shop is stuck cement slurry has been dry, plank opposite contaminants not shaved, maintenance period to master cheng yen to causes such as walking or weight. Bonding layer mortar to do, for instance, will be subject to the ground spread out, the shop is stuck in cement, water cement ratio of 1:2 ( Volume ratio) To stop the shop is stuck with cement flour. Maintenance period should plane board, stop walking on the surface. Such as empty drum, should rework to resurface, method is to remove the empty drum floor tile, available sucker is to live, hoisted out flat, then according to the requirements of standard tile, etc. During winter shop, consumers can not for ceramic tile is worried when the shop is installed, bonding is strong, as long as the above 0 ℃ to shop, simply don't have to worry about issues such as 'ceramic tile not adhere to'.
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