Thick brick sturdier, thin brick is the trend of The Times, how to choose the ceramic tile?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-28
As an important part of building materials, ceramic tile is often used to decorate outdoor, also widely used in home interior decoration. However, many owner knew very little about ceramic tile, no idea when choosing a ceramic tile thickness, don't know what should buy the ceramic tile of thicker, or thin ceramic tile. In fact, the thick and thin brick each have each characteristic, understand the difference between them and the advantages and disadvantages, helps to choose the more suitable for home decoration requirements of ceramic tile. What is the definition of thick brick thick brick, no & other industries; Clear stipulation & throughout; The standard. Due to the thickness of the ordinary ceramic tile between ㎜ - 6 15 ㎜ between, in most cases, higher than the average thickness of the ceramic tile products are considered to be thick brick. When buying ceramic tile, many owners have this kind of error, think thick brick quality better, more heavy weight more. Admittedly, based on the thickness of thick brick in congenital advantage, its hardness, strength and strong degree, indeed higher than ordinary ceramic tile. However, thick brick in congenital disadvantage also exist in the shop is stuck, such as doesn't fit on the wall, brick difficult, etc. What is the understanding of the thick thin brick by brick, obviously the definition of a thin brick is out of breath. Obviously, thin brick is thinner than the thickness of the ordinary ceramic tile ceramic tile, usually the thickness less than 6 ㎜. In recent years, with & other; Lightweight & throughout; Market trends, thin brick is more and more popular. For consumers, adornment effect more beautiful thin brick, brick making; For ceramic tile merchants, thin brick materials, light weight, less production cost and transportation cost is reduced, greater profit space. However, due to thinner thickness of the thin brick, some process cannot operation, and the intensity of ceramic tile and bearing force will decline. How to pick a thick brick and thin brick each have advantages and disadvantages, when decorating, should choose which kind of? In fact, choose ceramic tile cannot only see thickness, want to see them from overall comprehensive practical performance, in addition to the stiffness and bearing capacity, but also the abrasion resistance, bibulous rate, etc. In general, because every day being trampled on the ground, and to inherit the furniture weight, so need better bearing force, ground tiles are adised to consider the thick brick; Home, in contrast, the metope of visual attention more, pay attention to adornment beautiful sex, and thin wall tiles can paste a firmer, suggested that metope ceramic tile can consider thin brick. Above is of the advantages and disadvantages of thick and thin brick, and the introduction of how to choose. By understanding can be found that no innate between thick and thin brick brick is tall what is low. Choose ceramic tile, starting from the actual demand of home decoration is needed.
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