Three factors of sitting room color ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-24
The importance of the sitting room at home is self-evident. From the point of family layout, the sitting room is located in the core of the home position; From the point of size, the area of the sitting room is the eldest of the family living space; From the point of use function, the sitting room to foreign guests receive relatives and friends, the internal polymerization important mission and role of family members. Therefore, the sitting room decorate is also very important nature. Of course, the ceramic tile of choose and labeled in the sitting room, also cannot careless. Among them, the ceramic tile color selection and collocation, can say in the living room wall ground decorative aspect plays a decisive role, will also affect the whole of the sitting room decorate class. Then the ceramic tile of the sitting room should choose which kind of design and color, collocation of time to consider what factors? First of all, to see the whole decorates a style of the sitting room. Ceramic tile in the sitting room of design and color choice, it is important to note cannot light whether a piece of the design and color of ceramic tile is good-looking, mainly depends on the collocation of whole and design. The ceramic tile of different design and color after through large areas of the shop is stuck, can build a different decorate a style effect. Is Scandinavian minimalist style such as decoration, design and color of the ceramic tile of the sitting room to go well with light color ceramic tile texture simple or pure color, pattern, not suitable for design and color is too complex, the splendid ceramic tile products. Next, want to consider whole sitting room is tonal. Even the same kind of decorate a style, also has diversified color scheme. Such as pure white clean pure Scandinavian minimalist style, but as long as a little ornament with warm yellow, whole sitting room immediately much some warmth. Accordingly, when choosing ceramic tile the sitting room, also consider the overall combination of colours, including the depth of the metope ceramic tile and floor tile color is tie-in, can maintain the harmonious and rich administrative levels. In addition, still have to consider the family size of the sitting room. According to the different area, idiomatic principle is: if the sitting room is small, suitable for light color fastens, design and color is simple ceramic tile, can extends from the vision space, which does not appear crowded depressive; If enough capacious sitting room, suitable for design and color is rich, high gloss, the ceramic tile of slants brunet department, the sitting room on the ground or use carpet tiles spelling a flower, can do more obvious high-end atmosphere. According to the small make up to know, sitting room more common color with color, yellow, white and grey. If not very good at colour collocation, ceramic tile in the sitting room when the choose and buy should give priority to with joker, you can refer to the 4 kinds of common and popular color. The color of ceramic tile, basically established the fundamental key of whole sitting room color, can affect the colour collocation of other decoration materials and household products. So, to be thoughtful when sitting room of ceramic tile of choose and buy.
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