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Three tips for laying wood style tiles

Three tips for laying wood style tiles


The importance of the living room at home is self-evident. From the perspective of the layout of the house, the living room is located in the core position of the house; from the perspective of the size of the living room, it is the largest in the family living space; from the perspective of use function, the living room is responsible for receiving friends and relatives from outside, and gathering families internally The important mission and role of members. Therefore, the decoration of the living room is also particularly important.

3 factors for color matching of living room tiles

Of course, in the selection and laying of ceramic tiles in the living room, it can't be sloppy. Among them, the choice and collocation of tile patterns can be said to play a decisive role in the decoration of the living room wall and ground, and will also affect the decoration level of the entire living room. So which color should you choose for the tiles in the living room, and what factors need to be considered when matching?

First of all, it depends on the overall decoration style of the living room. When choosing the color of the tiles in the living room, it should be noted that you can't just look at whether the color of a certain tile is good-looking, mainly depends on the overall collocation and design. Different tiles and patterns can create different decoration style effects after being pasted on a large area. For example, the decoration adopts the Nordic minimalist style. The tiles of the living room are suitable for light or solid colors, and the tiles with simple patterns and textures are not suitable for overly complicated and magnificent tiles.

Secondly, we must consider the overall color of the living room. Even if it is the same decoration style, it also has a variety of color schemes. For example, the pure white Nordic minimalist style is clean and pure, but as long as it is slightly embellished with warm yellow, the entire living room will be more warm. Therefore, when choosing the living room tiles, the overall color matching should also be considered, including the shades of the wall tiles and the floor tiles, to maintain harmony while enriching the sense of hierarchy.

In addition, the size of the living room must be considered. According to the different areas, the usual principle is: if the living room is small, it is suitable for light-colored, simple-colored porcelain tiles, which can extend the space visually, so that it does not appear crowded and depressed; if the living room is spacious enough, it is suitable for rich colors and gloss High and dark-colored tiles, parquet or carpet tiles can be used on the floor of the living room to highlight the high-end atmosphere.

The more common colors in the living room are beige, yellow, white and gray. If you are not very good at color matching, you should mainly use wild when buying living room tiles. You can refer to these four more common and popular color systems. The color of the tiles basically lays the tone of the overall color of the living room, and also affects the color matching of other decorative materials and household products.

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