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Tile brand collectively

Tile brand collectively


According to the data of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, the total amount of building ceramics in China dropped by 18.9% from January to August, 136 building ceramics enterprises withdrew from the historical stage, and the main business income of the industry fell by 30.6% from the same period last year.

"All kinds of signs show that the overall demand of the ceramic industry has become a trend of shrinkage, from the industry as a whole, most enterprises in 2018 are difficult to suppress the decline in performance." This is the scene that a professional in the industry wrote in the article. It is an undoubted reality that the industry has entered the "winter" under the confirmation of many analysis and examples. 

Perhaps no one knows how long the industry will last in winter, but if winter comes, can spring be far behind? Looking back on the historical trend, opportunities have always been accompanied by crises. Like animal molting, crises actually mean new vitality, but this "opportunity" can not be expected to fall from the sky.

Make the product the ultimate. In different environments. Survivability In the cold winter of the industry, there are still a lot of standing corporate brands. It is no accident, no miracle, no overnight success to have today's "river and lake status". It is not difficult to find that these corporate brands have a common point, that is, they have a solid foundation, that is, product base. In a modern ceramic tile, the two years of frequent Irving is also a bright spot.  Strengthen internal strength training and bring the advantages into full play. Owenle put forward that products are the origin of everything.

Owen-Lai has a scientific product system precipitated from the international background, not formed overnight. It has its core R&D concepts and models. For example, Owen-Lai's texture, gray level, touch, light sensitivity, anti-skid and other multi-dimensional technical indicators of each product are extremely rigorous, closely related to their product themes. Material is formed and deduced through the analysis of consumption scenarios. This is the product strength that can be embodied as the leading brand of modern bricks, rather than simply generalized by the general expression of texture. In the past 20 years of experience in the field of plain color, after careful restart of the track, "plain modern brick" is the basis of its resistance to cold winter.

 In my opinion, all marketing means and methods only provide a channel for products to reach consumers, and only the products themselves are the initial hope of consumers. No matter how the market consumption pattern changes, how the channel changes, and how diverse the marketing, only by mastering the products and making the products to the extreme, can we have the survival ability in different environments.

Trend foresight, understanding is greater than see.

But those who make the product will always slip into the vicious circle of following up. These two or three years coincide with the upsurge of modern ceramic tiles. 90% of the brands follow up, "surplus" and "homogeneity" are not part of the factors that make the wind and frost. Look at the original hot posture was simply unexpected, or temporarily invisible, "cold wind" blow will have such a large area of decay. Some people in the industry predicted that there would be a large number of small and medium-sized brands to say goodbye to us as the situation continues.

Owen Lai, based on the multi-dimensional thinking of fashion, has a keen insight into the international trend of high-grade grey tiles. Moreover, with the change of the aesthetic trend of modern home, more and more consumers like this kind of products. A series of "product base + marketing planning" combination punches out in the industry and terminal market. The field has achieved considerable results. 

Why do we create two totally different outcomes? 

 At the beginning of the trend followers are ambitious to share in the market, but the reality is that they hold the number plate waiting to be determined outside the door. Perhaps in today's domestic tile industry, to create "traffic stars" can be very rapid. Simple follow-up is easy, but can not afford the basis, that may be a meteor from the horizon, short and beautiful!

Liang Xueqing, director of marketing Owenle, said: "understanding is greater than seeing." We see product trends, and we need to understand the logic behind them. When the trend arrives, we need to make the product what, why to make the product like this, into the focus of thinking, identify the problems, before we have the opportunity to break the situation.

Owen Lai sees the trend, understands the logic behind the trend, gives full play to the advantages of research and development and manufacturing of high-grade grey tile, and promotes Owen Lai to form a strong competitive advantage in the domestic market of high-grade grey tile segmentation. 

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Get out of your product path
Where is the product road?

Dr Yin Hong, Secretary-General of Foshan Ceramic Industry Association, said, "We need to understand the trend, do what we are best at, sometimes take what we need. Everything in ceramic tile industry is individualized, and we need to have its own characteristics. It is possible to make black bricks or other individual products as long as we do it well."

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Professor Wu Wenli of the design circle said: "At the same level, we should win with ideas. In our age, the future direction is not necessarily a new technology, more likely is the concept, lifestyle and so on, (these) can affect product development. In the past, we only had a single thinking of products, but now we need more comprehensive and diversified logic and thinking.

Next, we need to choose what way to go according to the actual situation, whether in advance or in retreat, or in follow-up or in dormancy, I believe that the brands have already made plans. No matter which direction to choose, thick grain will be able to "survive the winter" safely. "Grain" is a scientific system, technological experience and innovative thinking around products. 

The market is cruel. Only by taking the first step, can we not lag behind the industry. As long as enterprises take positive measures to deal with market changes and abandon the lucky mentality of "living in earnest", the market can still be optimistic.

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