Tile myth, step step by step wrong wrong! ! !

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-25
Ceramic tile is very important in the process of decorating a advocate material, but the ceramic tile of brand of mixed on the market, design and color is much, often dazzling, let consumers want to buy but I don't know where to start. Want to in a short period of time to ceramic tile 'know' is not an easy thing, so small make up today's wall tile gave you talk about some mistake, then I don't make mistakes again! Myth 1: ceramic tile like bank card Numbers, the bigger the better? Due to wind, Nordic style increasingly popular, such as cold wind and mutual collocation of ceramic tile and wood flooring specification has the trend of increasing. As you can see the effect that decorate, large size ceramic tile can let a room appear more atmosphere, the overall effect is better, and the bigger the tile specification, the less seams. But this year popular 'small family', 'small bedroom', is not suitable for the shop is stuck the ceramic tile of large size. Ceramic tile specifications blindly pursuing big, it will appear more narrow room, at the same time also can cause waste, in the process of the shop is stuck not beautiful also. Paving brick, everyone wants to crack, thought that the smaller the aperture, the higher level of appearance. However, if you leave the gap is too small when the shop is stuck, can lead to strain capacity variation of ceramic tile on the environment. Due to the change of environmental temperature, ceramic tile mutual extrusion, possible rupture, shorten the service life of ceramic tile. So, the so-called 'seamless' tile is not the same as seamless, tile heat bilges cold shrink need we must reserve gap to them. Seamless brick in general should be the size of the seam in 1 - 1. Around 5 mm, not less than 1 mm; Special effects can also be gap widened to 5 mm. Myth 3: don't understand your brick, how happy to 'play'? In construction process, it has the common mistake is to ignore the product performance, is not in accordance with the provisions on the use of the products in the shop is stuck. A common mistake is to cut the costs will be used as a wall brick floor tile. But the physical and chemical properties of different ceramic tile is different, for example the bibulous rate of wall tile and floor tile bibulous rate is different, high wall brick, floor tile is low, the flexural strength is also different. In addition, wall brick and tile antifreeze performance is also different. Before the shop is stuck, therefore, must understand the performance of the wall brick, choose ceramic tile, according to performance in accordance with the packing or manufacturer to operate. Above is the small make up to bring the content of the error of wall tile, preparation of tile friends is important to note, the above said error must be more careful, otherwise it is equal to the white bought a white ceramic tile decorated!
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