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Tiles must be laid in these places for home decoration so that you will not regret it

Tiles must be laid in these places for home decoration so that you will not regret it


"Which areas of the home decoration must be tiled so that you will not regret it." With the ever-increasing quality of life, home decoration is inseparable from ceramic tile products. Ceramic tile products can not only bring beauty to the new house, but also save worry and trouble. Let's take a closer look at where tiles should be laid.

1. Toilet

The environment of the bathroom is relatively special, not ventilated and humid, and it is easy to accumulate water. If the wall is not tiled, the damage to the wall is very serious all year round. Therefore, the bathroom must be tiled, which is easy to clean, and can effectively protect the wall from damage, waterproof and moisture-proof, avoid wall cracks, while ensuring clean and tidy, it can also bring beauty to the environment. feeling good.

2. Kitchen

The kitchen is a place for cooking. It is inevitably caused by the problems of heavy oil fume and heavy oil. It is more troublesome to clean. If the wall is covered with tiles, these problems can be avoided. The smooth surface of the tiles is not easy to adhere to dust and oil, and it is easy to clean. Spray the cleaning fluid and wipe it with a wet towel, it is absolutely bright as new.

3. Living room

In daily life, the living room is the longest place to stay, so it must have a warm and fashionable feeling. Generally, customers think that the tiles in the living room are only ceramic porcelain floor tiles. Actually, it is not true. It depends on personal preference. If the living room has enough light and the wall is easy to clean, it is necessary to lay the wall tiles.

The living room also has a place that is most easily overlooked. It must be tiled. That is the TV background wall. Why is the background wall needed? Because the background wall plays a little role in the living room space, it is the dominant element of the entire living room style and is essential.

4. Bedroom

After a tiring day, we need a place to rest, so the bedroom needs a relatively relaxing and comfortable environment without being too bright. It is suggested that the bedroom should be covered with wood grain tiles. Why is it wood grain tiles instead of wooden floors? The advantages of wood-grain tiles over wood floors are waterproof, moisture-proof, fire-proof, mildew-proof, insect-proof, formaldehyde-proof and so on. The wood-grain effect of current wood-grain bricks is completely comparable to that of logs, and it is more colorful than logs. Choosing wood-grain bricks is a good choice.

5. Balcony

For better daylighting, most of the house’s balconies are open balconies, usually exposed to wind, rain, and sun. Therefore, it is recommended to lay tiles on the balcony. The balcony wall tiles can be matched with some mosaic tiles as the wall according to personal preference, and the wood grain series of wood grain tiles are used on the ground. Stepping barefoot on the wood grain floor gives people a feeling of returning to nature.

Do you think tiles are inseparable from every part of home decoration?

Yes, you can't live without it. Tiles are good for your home, but there is no harm.

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