Tiling, lumbar line brick, wall better finish!

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-18
Tiles, waist line is mainly used to decorate the shop is stuck with the ceramic tile, mainly in the wall height is about 0. 6 - 1. The location of the 2 m. Although only a small area of the decoration, but also cannot be ignored when the shop is stuck, brick and tile is the same, process is indispensable, even requirements will be higher. 1. Before paving tiles, waist line is a must, to ensure that the decorative pattern, and the correct direction. 2. With the high quality cement sand, let tiles, waist line is more strong. Cement is to use river sand, sand water content, the shop is stuck effect will be better. 3. Laid the first piece of tile or waist line to ensure that the position is correct, it determines the tiles, waist line in the position of metope, if there are any errors, could lead to full range wall of the shop is stuck there is an error, tilt, and so on. 4. Will arrange in less than a full brick Angle, corner, and then use sealant to seal, so as not to affect the metope whole is beautiful. When tile tiles, waist line, must pay attention to grasp these details, once appear a little flaw, will affect the entire wall adornment effect, must prepare well before the shop is stuck, or all efforts will be destroyed.
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