Tiling standard

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-08
Floor tile acceptance criteria: 1, the surface layer bai du varieties, the quality of the plate used must comply with the design requirements; Zhi2 dao, floor tile shop is stuck not loosen, strong stability. The combination of surface and the next layer ( Glue) Should be strong. Floor tile empty drum phenomenon is controlled within 3%, the empty on the main channel must be rework, 3% single refers to the single block edges empty drum, not empty drum. 3, the tile surface clean, clear design, colour and lustre is consistent, joint surrounding straight, smooth, consistent depth, plate no crack defects, lack of edge and corner. Floor tile design pattern did not get damaged in the process of construction, such as scratches, scratches, etc. 4, such as the material of floor tile should comply with the provisions of the relevant national laws and regulations, no violation to decorate a contract signed by both parties. 5, the colour and lustre of floor tile there was no significant difference, the gaps between the each tile should narrow, seam handled well. The surface of pectin on the surface with the materials and size should comply with the design requirements, edges and tidy. 6, brick of floor tile surface should be smooth, no cracks, lack of Angle, etc. , between each other is very straight. Floor tile flatness with 2 meters level examination, the error must not exceed 0. 5 mm, adjacent brick elevation difference should not exceed 0. Gap straightness 3 mm, 5 mm, laid of floor tile, the other type of work may not be polluted. 24 hours after the completion of the floor tile crack-cleaning and maintenance. 7, the floor tile when decorating, drainage problems, should give full consideration to the surface layer surface slope should satisfy the design requirements, so that the catchment is smooth, not water, no water, and floor tile should be closely integrated with the floor drain. And floor drain pipe junction should be tightly solid, no leakage. Floor tile extension information acceptance step 1, & other See & throughout; 。 Generally have a look at the surface of the floor tile if there is any damage. Has a variety of floor tile on the market, quality is uneven, so if there is damage to the floor, when the acceptance must carefully distinguish between what is damaged in the process of construction or the quality problem of the floor itself. 2、“ Knock & throughout; 。 In floor tile can be used when acceptance of small hammer knock, listen to the voice. If the floor tile of the sound is very clear, then shop floor tile is good, explain the brick conversely spread is unqualified, to make again. In & other; Knock & throughout; Remember to gently floor tile, and knocked at the location of the part should be the middle of the floor tile and its four corners. 3、“ Pour & throughout; 。 Floor tile should pay attention to the slope when the shop is stuck, in case of water. So when the floor tile examination of can pour a little water in hutch defends, balcony, such as places, examine whether the slope.
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