To build the modern Chinese style household, the ceramic tile category you should know

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-19
Traditional Chinese style carved dragon painted chicken, colorful expensive gas, beautiful heavy and complicated. , by contrast, the modern Chinese style style in Chinese style, on the basis of classical culture temperament, delete numerous to Jane, omitted all sorts of complex of carve patterns or designs on woodwork line, using the modern decoration language, combines style of traditional culture and modern fashion elements, cater to the aesthetic needs of modern people, to adapt to the modern household popularity trend, therefore, not only by the 6070 s an outfit consumer also won the 8090 young owners alike. The most important thing as a family to decorate material selection, the selection of ceramic tile collocation is closely related to household style of building. So, for the owners plan to decorate the modern Chinese style style, should choose ceramic tile? Other people's house of new Chinese style decoration style, like what category of ceramic tile collocation? Rich cultural temperament of archaize brick for modern Chinese style household style decoration design, all archaize brick in ceramic tile category, was the first to come to the fore. The characteristics of modern Chinese style household style, especially important is retained the traditional cultural charm, with Oriental classical temperament, very suitable for using their own cultural attributes of archaize brick. Archaize brick birth have retro nostalgia texture, light sensitivity is low, low saturation, visual effect is very soft, delicate texture, style simple, is able to bear or endure look, not only obtained a lot of owners welcome, and had a lot of stylist favour. Fashionable and elegant marble tile reduction Chinese style household style, is not the purpose of the modern Chinese style. On the basis of the inheritance of traditional Chinese style, contemporary Chinese style more emphasis on integrated into modern fashion elements, with the aesthetic view of modern and traditional performance of the new Chinese style form and meaning. Characteristics of both fashion and elegant marble tile, become the choice of modern Chinese style household. Marble stems from a glazed ceramic tile ceramic tile, imitation stone texture as the main characteristics, colour quietly elegant, pure and fresh and free from vulgarity, to build an elegant artistic conception of Chinese ink and wash. Therefore, marble tile not only suitable for modern Chinese style household wall ground is decorated, also often be used as background wall. With plain sense of wood grain brick wood grain brick and marble tile is a common characteristic, design inspiration arises from the nature of the two, in order to return to natural, lifelike restore natural wood texture, or stone texture for & other; Responsibility & throughout; 。 But, the wood grain brick has its own different adornment effect again. Relative to the atmospheric contracted marble tile, wood grain brick can perfectly reduction of solid wood decorative pattern and texture, more plain natural, close to nature. Therefore, very suitable for collocation woodiness furniture, make heavy, light low-key luxury is composed of the modern Chinese style household.
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