To know this in advance, buy ceramic tile no longer worry about the edition

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-18
In life, we see most of the family, from metope is decorated to the ground is decorated tiling. With decorating experience owner, or going to a furniture store friends knew, ceramic tile not only variety, and the same kinds of fancy design also many, stroll down a ring very easy dizziness, do not know how to choose. In fact, the ceramic tile of different each have each characteristic, before go to furniture store or building materials market to buy, to clear their own needs first, understand the advantages and disadvantages of the ceramic tile of different species, when buying to basis, not the edition. So, what types of ceramic tile, what is the distinguishing feature of them, in the actual need to pay attention to when choosing? According to production process and performance characteristics, the ceramic tile of common types include body brick, bo changes a brick, and glazed ceramic tile. The brick has the advantage of stiffness, degree of abrasion resistance and skid resistance is strong, the surface and internal grain is consistent. Defect is design and color is a single, glossiness is not high. Bo changes a brick, also known as the ceramic tile. Due to the high degree of vitrified, compared to connect body brick, its gloss higher; And compared with other floor tile, its density is high, bibulous rate is low, it is not easy to hide the dirt water penetration. However, better practicability and decorative bo changes a brick, market sale price also relatively high. Glazed ceramic tile also is when the family is decorated, often applied to a kind of ceramic tile. By applying glaze, stereo sense is stronger, design and color is rich, high gloss, waterproof and moistureproof. However, glazed ceramic glaze layer on the surface of the brick, if wear off easily in water be affected with damp be affected with damp. And if, according to ceramic tile in the application of domestic outfit and can be divided into metope ceramic tile and floor tile. Metope ceramic tile to paste on the wall firmer, requires the water absorption of ceramic tile can't too low, usually at around 10%. Accordingly, floor tile has higher hardness, wear-resisting and waterproof non-slip, etc. When choosing ceramic tile, can according to the first family characteristics and decorate a style, determine the type and specification ceramic tile size. When determining the design and color of ceramic tile design, still need to combine the individual be fond of of the residents, especially the ceramic tile application of the bedroom. In addition, because metope ceramic tile and floor tile is not universal, so when choosing to pay attention to distinguish, respectively. Above the common types of ceramic tile, and analyzes their respective advantages and disadvantages and, at the same time also to share the factors to consider when ceramic tile of choose and buy. In the actual process of choose and buy, the owners can ramble more several ceramic tile stores, quality, price and service comparison, finally choose the ceramic tile is more suitable for home decoration needs.
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