Toilet USES archaize brick, ok? Small make up and you talk about in detail

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-29
A, toilet use archaize tile is good, we can't one-sided to say good or bad, should from the following two aspects to consider: 1, whether to suit the whole decorates: toilet use archaize brick is good, should first consider the archaize brick laid after conflicts with whole decorate a style, toilet as an integral part of the house, only with the whole decorates a style to match, can improve the whole decorate the aesthetic feeling of home. 2, meets the functional requirements: toilet ground moisture, therefore in the ceramic tile of choose and buy should choose to prevent slippery ceramic tile performance better, toilet use archaize tile is good, we must first consider the archaize brick anti-skid non-slip. Second, the ceramic tile of choose and buy toilet note 1, choose the ceramic tile with low water absorption, bibulous rate is a measure of the degree of ceramic tile is bibulous physical quantities. Bibulous rate is high, said the number of its space and arrange scattered particles, proved that ceramic tile material is relatively loose, prove that the material of ceramic tile more dense conversely. Therefore, the lower the water absorption to prove the quality of ceramic tile, the better. Check method of ceramic tile is bibulous rate is high and low, we can get water detection, the water droplets on the surface of ceramic tile, look at the extent of the water spread. 2, choose the ceramic tile with high density, generally the higher the density of ceramic tile its hardness is higher, so it is not easy to damage. Our rough way to detect the density can be used on bricky system, tap ceramic tile, with good thing sounds more crisp, on behalf of the ceramic tile density is higher, the better the quality. 3, prevent slippery ceramic tile to purchase: toilet of ceramic tile of choose and buy must buy antiskid performance of ceramic tile, because toilet ground is wet all the year round, for the sake of safety, choose the ceramic tile antiskid performance comparison. 4, choose glazing thick layer of ceramic tile: detection of glair layer on the surface of the ceramic tile of its thickness, we can scrape the surface of ceramic tile with good thing to check, check if there is any visible scratches on the surface of the ceramic tile, if there is no prove glazing thicker. Through the introduction of the above, I believe you to toilet use archaize brick is good has its own answer, hope to help you the ceramic tile of choose and buy.
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