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by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-04
Speaking of common ceramic tile, ceramic, ceramic tile is one of the more common brand, also often some of the amway brand ceramic tile, then its advantage actually mention what now? This small make up to make a brief introduction, hope to help you! ( Ceramic tile) 1. Ceramic tile design has always been innovative and brick of pottery and porcelain are receiving & the other; Creative life, humanity space & throughout; Product innovation concept, relying on advanced scientific research method and professional r&d team, absorbing international advanced technology, grasps the market pulse, with creative design, pattern design and color is rich, accord with human nature of space applications, marketable products. 2. Stain resistant and wear resistant ceramic tile meaning of tile of pottery and porcelain antifouling wear-resisting performance is very good, and its products sintering degree is high, the quality of a strong, mohs hardness up to level 7, bibulous rate is extremely low, through advanced burnish. And super bright processed completely glass glittering and translucent and bright, gloss over 85 degrees ( The national standard is more than 55 degrees) , has good moisture resistance and abrasion resistance. 3. The texture of ceramic tile is more exquisite and meaning of the simple sense of tile of pottery and porcelain is very exquisite, its products in the production of fine when implementing strict production management, after several times of sieving, when raw material processing in addition to iron, the raw material of wood, iron filings, thoroughly remove impurities such as too thick. At the same time pay attention to the production environment, equipment maintenance, kiln gun cleaning, avoid pollution of external factors on the semi-finished products, products rarely appear black spots, the surface of the pinhole defects. 4. The low price of ceramic tile meaning of tile of pottery and porcelain product quality is very high, and its price positioning in the middle-grade, companies relying on the scale advantages, technological prowess, through the hard skills, reduce production cost, reenact & other; Meager profit but high turnover & throughout; Market strategy, for which special ceramic products create & other; High quality and low price & throughout; The selling point. This is the current introduced some related contents about pottery, ceramic tile, don't know whether you interested in? If you also want to decorate your home, might as well try the ceramic tile of the brand, we can have unexpected receiving! If you still want to know more about ceramic tile decoration related content, welcome to continue to focus on our European brunei's official website! Finally thank you for watching! The next issue we goodbye! ( Ceramic tile)
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