TV setting wall ceramic tile rendering the ceramic tile of brand to join us

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-23
Ceramic tile of brand of TV setting wall ceramic tile rendering to join a lot of time to consider the balance of many aspects, everyone is below small make up for the clean about TV setting wall ceramic tile of rendering joining the modelling of the ceramic tile of brand experience, hope everybody can from these TV setting wall ceramic tile in the ceramic tile of brand of joining the summary of the get some inspiration. Which good decorate a company to join? 1, which is the international decorate a company to join? Decorate a company to join, optimization is international. Since its inception, it has been committed to provide customers with high quality and personalized household solutions. In 2010, it opened a franchise business. After seven years of steady development, it has already set up more than hundred branches in domestic, has now become a pioneer in home decoration industry. Yi is the international, the headquarter will not only for the joining trader and store staff to provide comprehensive and systematic training, but also send a senior operational staff assist franchisees stores location, store decoration, planning to open shops such as the preparation, and send a professional after-sales service team 24 hours help franchisees to solve operation, management and technical problems. Has the full support of the headquarters, investors don't have to worry about. 2, name carved decoration, carving decoration, established in shenzhen in 1999, is committed to provide every customer with 'one-stop' work style of home decoration services. After ten years of steady development, now, it has been in foshan, guangzhou, chongqing and other places set up more than 40 services. 3, and with the way Beijing is otherwise directs decoration engineering co. , LTD. , was founded in 2000, has been walking in the home market for more than ten years, has become a highly public trust of domestic outfit brand as a whole. We have learned, it has Asia floor, ceramic tile, dongpeng ceramic tile with nature, haier and so on many well-known brands at home and abroad set up a partnership. 4, if if bo, bo's decoration engineering co. , LTD. , founded in 2006, is a collection of furniture design decoration, household products research and development, the adornment of scientific research as one of the diversified enterprise. With outstanding performance, it has successively won the & other; Throughout & decoration industry top ten enterprises in fujian province; 、“ Enterprises of China decoration industry & throughout; , and many other honors. 5, the waves of Shanghai waves decoration group, started work in 1991, was formally established in 2001, mainly to provide people with decoration design, construction, advocate material choose and buy, materials distribution, household product design and other services. Above is the small make up for everybody finishing some content about tile brand to join, hope everybody can have a good reading these materials, avoid the error in the process of decoration.
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