Ultrathin ceramic tile is what are the advantages and disadvantages

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-13
1, ceramic enterprise production ultrathin ceramic tile more environmental protection and energy saving, production of products of the same area, compared to the conventional specifications of ultrathin ceramic tile ceramic tile saving raw materials by 60% ~ 70%, the energy consumption reduced by 25% ~ 30% at least, reduce the waste and pollution emissions. 2, the most thin thin brick thickness only 13 traditional tile, so can save space. The shop is stuck ultrathin ceramic tile, don't need to use the cement sand ( The overall thickness of 4 ~ 5 cm) , but with a kind of ceramic tile adhesive, the overall thickness as long as 1. 5cm。 A dozen square meters of kitchen or toilet, use thin brick than using traditional tile can save about 0. The area of 5 square metre. 3, ultra-thin don't need to use ceramic tile ceramic tile cutting machine to cut, only ordinary cutter can cut out, low noise, less dust. Ultra-thin brick has a certain toughness, not afraid of conventional ceramic tile warping phenomenon, such as warp, only need to gently press it by hand. 4, thin brick the price is not so expensive as people think, and the price is the same as the traditional ceramic tile, a square generally need hundreds of yuan, suitable for high end home and place of large-scale use. The disadvantage of ultrathin ceramic tile: as we have learned, ultrathin ceramic tile production technology is homebred brand is a very important technical innovation in recent years, but now thin brick technology is not mature enough. Super-thin ceramic tile is taller also to the requirement of the shop is stuck, need very flat on the ground, and ultra-thin prone to empty drum ceramic tile, all these problems need to be further solved.
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