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by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-01
Ceramic tile common in the building materials market at present there are these: polished tile, glazed ceramic tile, marble tile, archaize brick, wood grain brick, Mosaic, microcrystalline, etc; Now, we will from these types of ceramic tile, from various aspects to understand ceramic tile. 1, polishing brick, polishing brick are frequently used in domestic outfit, its surface with a layer of about 3 ~ 4 mm layer of fabrics, through polishing technology processing, with strong hardness, wear resistance is not easy to scratch, brightness, etc. Drawback is not resistant to dirty, often in the public areas such as sitting room, dining-room decorates the effect. 2, glazed ceramic tiles in China clay or clay body surface coated with a layer of glaze via high temperature fire and become, glazed ceramic tile also need polishing, types can be divided into all threw the glaze and glaze. All glazed ceramic is more flat, smooth surface, high brightness; Half glazed ceramic refers to the uneven surface, feels a AoTuGan, polishing will throw out place glaze, cannot be cast out glaze. The advantage of glazed ceramic tile is color colorful, rich texture, more resistant to dirt, but not to wear traditional polishing brick is good. In general kitchen, toilet, balcony will not choose glazed ceramic tiles, in addition to this area are applicable. 3, marble tile, marble tile just as its name implies is modelled on the marble tile, the surface and bottom is the same material and colour and lustre. Its colorful texture, marble change also has the physical properties of ceramic tile, can widely used in all kinds of style. Marble tile and compressive, anti-fouling, wear-resisting, moisture and other characteristics, suitable for household decoration of each area. 4, archaize brick archaize brick also belong to a kind of glazed tile, just on the surface of ceramic tile glaze, specially make a antique effect, presents the years along with of rings, history, etc. General of archaize brick has the advantages of anti-skid, can be used in the kitchen, toilet, etc. ; Its surface has deliberately do old tracks, can also be the shop is stuck in the study, restaurant, collocation is more classical soft outfit, do not have amorous feelings. 5, wood grain brick wood grain brick is in traditional ceramic tile surface by a special process to make a natural wood grain pattern, with the grain of wood floor general, very suitable for the shop is stuck in a bedroom and a balcony. Wood grain brick with warm feeling, like place oneself in nature, can the space to create a natural and comfortable atmosphere. 6, is in several small pieces of Mosaic Mosaic tile or glass ceramic tile, its rich colors, styles, can easily create a warm atmosphere. In addition to large area of the shop is stuck, can also be applied to small area in the bedroom or study, reflect master personality and unique taste. 7, microlite microlite belongs to the new building material, it is on the glass composite layer of microcrystalline glass, make it has strong luster and appear a gender, adornment effect is luxurious, grade, of course the price is more expensive, so usually used in TV setting wall. Besides the above common ceramic tile, and there are many different kinds of building materials market, whatever the ceramic tile, should according to their own needs the ceramic tile of choose to suit oneself home outfit, not blindly follow.
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